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Listening Books – Audiobook Reviewer and Presenter – Bronze Skill

Learn the skills to review and present an audiobook with charity Listening Books. Choose an audiobook from the collection of over 10,000 audiobooks and then use the course materials to prepare a fantastic review, and finally learn how to turn that review into a presentation.
All course materials provided with Listening Books membership, and Listening Books will act as your assessor.
By completing this activity for your Skills section, you’ll demonstrate both your analytical and creative skills, as well as enjoy a great book!

Please note: Listening Books is a charity – only those who have an illness, disability, learning difficulty or mental health condition may apply. Access to this activity also gives you one full year to enjoy all the audiobooks Listening Books has to offer. Cost is £20 but if that is a barrier to taking part in the activity, we can also offer free memberships.

Course date:
start anytime
Course location:
Anywhere in the UK
Course fee:

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