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Nottingham Trent University – Kinetic Sculpture for 16 – 17 Year Olds – July 2024

Looking at the intersection between art, design, physics, and engineering, on this course your imagination will take centre stage, and your creations will come to life with movement!

You’ll learn and apply simple principles of physics and mechanics alongside experimentation and creativity to develop and produce your own kinetic sculptures.

You’ll also have the opportunity and support to develop your mobile idea as a ‘stabile’, that is, having a stand or mount to be a floor or table based moving sculpture.

On this course you will:

– Embark on a full creative process
– Learn about the specific art-form and historical works of kinetic sculpture
– Understand balance, force and movement principals
– Show a range of art, craft and design skills in a wide variety of materials
– Develop your concept and theme ideation
– Design through drawing
– Work on wire forming in soft and sprung metals
– Form lightweight 3D shapes with 2D materials
– Use simple hand tools and some workshop machinery to create further developed parts in wood, metal and plastics
– Create sculptures that dance, spin, and captivate the eye.

Course date:
Course location:
Nottingham Trent University
Course fee:
£525.00 + £230.00 for accommodation booked separately

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