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Pod Volunteer – Desert Elephant Conservation in Namibia – Residential

Join Pod Volunteer to protect, track and research elephant herds in the beautiful Southern African desert

Volunteers are part of the Desert Elephant Conservation team who strive to create a positive relationship between the subsistence farmers and desert elephants. The volunteer role which is based in the stunning Namibian desert rotates weekly, the first role is based at a community building project and the second involves researching the elephant population out in the desert. During the first week, the team work with the farmers to help reduce the conflict between the elephants and the farmers by building protective walls around their water points, or constructing new water points for elephants away from the farms. On the elephant tracking week, volunteers have to opportunity to learn how to track elephants and assist the research staff in monitoring the movements of elephants in the region.

When can I join? Fortnightly start dates throughout the year for placements of 2-12 weeks.

This project allows volunteers the rare opportunity to appreciate the simple things in life and truly get back to basics, camping in the open air under magnificent African night skies.

Course date:
Course location:
Namibia, Southern Africa
Course fee:
From £1195

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