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Rannoch Adventure – Gold Ocean Rowing Residential – Scotland – July 2024

Undertake this unique Isle of Mull Ocean Rowing & Wild Camping Adventure in Scotland. This large Inner Hebridean Island has a fascinating coastline and numerous places of interest to visit.

This adventure will take place in our 12 person ocean rowing boat, Roxy. The rows are tough and both mentally and physically exhausting, but the Scottish coastline is the perfect reward for the hard work. Living in close quarters with other recently befriended rowers in a small vessel can also be emotionally challenging.

However, rowing in the open waters under your own power is a fantastic achievement and you will look back on the adventure with great pride. On the way, you will overcome many challenges, but the memories and friendships made along the way will hopefully last a lifetime.

This Ocean Rowing & Wild Camping Adventure will be mixes of short and long day rows. Rowing will be undertaken in 2 or 3 hour shifts, interspersed with stop offs on the way and wild camping overnight in our yurt. Evening adventure activities will be provided.

Course date:
1 - 5 July 2024
Course location:
Oban & Isle of Mull, Scotland
Course fee:

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