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Storyvault – Secure your Family’s Place in History – Online Skills opportunity

Have you ever heard an interesting person talking and thought “someone should be recording this before it’s too late”? That’s the idea behind storyvault.com.

We encourage young people to record interviews with family, friends, neighbours or others in the community, and to upload them onto our website. They then become a precious archive for family and friends, and a unique resource for students of modern history. Do you need to find a first hand witness account of the Windrush to help with your history homework? You can find it on Storyvault. The skills involved in interviewing, recording and uploading all count for the Skills section of DofE awards – and also give you valuable experience for your CV – especially if you are thinking of working in the media.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free to join, and it’s your chance to give someone a very unusual gift – immortality.

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