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The KC Classroom – Online DofE Cooking Course

This year alone, more than 850 young people have used our course.

Our online course has all the tools you’ll need to cook delicious and nutritious food from scratch, whilst gaining an essential life skill and helping you achieve your DofE Award! And all from the comfort of your own home kitchen!

Easy-to-prepare recipes to include a variety of cooking techniques to help you prepare your food from scratch
COOKING VIDEO for each recipe so you can see the step-by-step process and finished dish
Equipment lists for each recipe
Helpful hints & tips
Skills checklist
Feedback form

We’ll also be on hand to support you and to answer any questions you might have.

Alongside your recipes, we’ve also created 5 really short videos to show you how cooking can help practice and improve your resilience and why resilience is so important if you’re going to be able to carry on doing well when you find yourselves faced with a challenging situation.

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Course fee:
From £38.75

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