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The Yoga Gate – Saturday Yoga Club – Online – Starts April 2024

This is a 3 month course introducing the benefits of yoga. This course teaches the tools to increase flexibility, concentration, relaxation, improved sleep, strength and stamina, specifically from a teenage perspective.

This is for anybody who wants to try a new physical activity and you can also extend this course into 6 month. Yoga is the perfect balance for team sport, individual pursuits and academic demands. Each class introduces a theme and guides you through yoga sequences of moves, breath and relaxation techniques. We also explore the anatomical aspects of each pose, how to adapt postures to our individual differences and play with some iconic poses.

Expect to move the body, debunk flexibility, have a laugh and feel good about yourself. Did I mention that you will learn how to relax, in each class, in a different way? So you can learn what works for you.

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