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Type IT! – Tutor Supported Touch Typing Course – Learn A Digital Skill For Life – Start Anytime

Our 13-week Flexi Time ‘Learn From Home’ Course offers a professional digital skill idea for school, university, and future employment. Crafted by Course Director Wendy Petersen, our course stands out for several reasons.

Expert Help: Paired with a specialist typing tutor, you’ll receive tailored exercises, interactive drills, and weekly feedback. Our innovative tracking system allows us to track your actual keystrokes so the feedback is personal to you.

Fun Learning: Enjoy adaptive lessons, step-by-step instructions, videos, and arcade-style typing games for a dynamic learning experience.

Help For Everyone: Our team specialises in helping students with special educational needs (SEND), so everyone can do well.

Lots of People Love Us: We’ve got over 200 top reviews on Trustpilot, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Your Schedule, Your Rules: Practice typing when and where you want. We will send your Assessor report automatically when you’ve finished.

Aim High: We want you to type like a champ, so you’ll achieve accuracies of 95% and speeds of at least 30wpm+, with many reaching 50wpm+.

This isn’t just about DofE – it’s about being awesome beyond that. Join us for an adventure that earns you your award and opens doors to so much more.

*Gold Award Course also available

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