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U:Bee Online–Understanding Endangered Species and Global Citizenship –Six Month Online Course -DofE Bronze, Silver or Gold Skills Activity

If you’re Looking to Achieve your six-month skills section, choose Endangered Species and Global Citizenship Course

First, dive into the realm of conservation with our “Understanding Endangered Species” course.

You will:
• Explore the critical challenges facing a number of the most endangered species
• Investigate the causes behind shrinking habitats
• Examine the impacts of illegal wildlife trade
• Understand strategies for conservation and recovery
• Develop a nuanced understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem health

Then discover how to become a Global Citizen by discovering the interconnectedness of our world, reflecting on individual actions, participating in local and global initiatives, embracing cultural diversity, and volunteering for impactful causes.

This unique opportunity fosters a lifelong commitment to environmental advocacy and holistic global citizenship.

U:Bee Online offers courses aligned with the DofE Award, fulfilling skill section requirements at Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels.

Material is delivered over six months, promoting self-research and practice. Enrolees receive all necessary information for their e-DofE, with an Assessor’s Report and Completion Certificate upon finishing.

Courses are cost-effective, providing free resources.

Participants must be 13+, with parental consent if under 16. Enrolment starts immediately.

Always confirm course suitability with leaders or teachers.

Visit www.ubee.org.uk for FAQs.

Contact us via [email protected]

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