Frequently Asked Questions
We've compiled below some of your most frequently asked questions about the Schools' Calendar.
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What is the Schools’ Calendar?

The Schools’ Calendar is an online resource designed to support you with ideas and tips to make the DofE as successful in schools as possible and maximise the resources you have available.

Created to share best practice and advice between schools, the Schools’ Calendar supplements your existing operational materials to enhance and build your DofE provision.

What are the benefits of using the Schools’ Calendar?

The Schools’ Calendar will help to structure your DofE activities to the academic year. Each month is packed with a host of tips and ideas shared by other DofE Leaders and Managers, covering all areas of DofE delivery. You’ll find suggestions on how to keep participants engaged, as well as plenty of ways to involve other members of staff and parents with your DofE activities. Not only will this help spread the workload, it will also build support for the DofE within your school and raise awareness of its positive impact on your pupils.

Are the tips compulsory?

All tips shared on the Schools’ Calendar are designed as a guide and not compulsory. They are just ideas and suggestions to pick and choose from, and should be adapted to suit your schedule and workload.

Who has written the tips?

Tips posted on the Schools’ Calendar have been written by DofE Managers and Leaders who have made a submission online, and via DofE staff. If you would like to see who has written a specific tip, you can check their name in blue at the end of each submission. Please note that not all names will be publicly visible.

Is the Schools’ Calendar only applicable to schools?

Whilst the tips are primarily mapped against school term dates and key events in the academic year, there may be advice available that is relevant and useful to all Licensed Organisations running DofE programmes. Therefore, please utilise the resource as you see fit for your DofE centre/group.

How do I access the Schools’ Calendar?

The Schools’ Calendar is located in the Leaders’ Resources area and can be reached by clicking on ‘DofE Information’ in the left-hand side menu on your eDofE home screen.

How do I find tips?

You can find tips by browsing and sorting by subject category (e.g. expedition planning) or month, and by using the search function.

How do I add tips?

Do you have a tip you think other DofE Leaders and Managers could use to help strengthen the DofE in their schools? If so, we invite you to share it on the Schools’ Calendar. Simply visit the Schools’ Calendar homepage and under ‘Submit a tip’, select the ‘Submit’ button. Complete the form, ensuring you have filled out all of the required fields with the correct information, and click ‘Submit’. Please note that your tip will be reviewed by the DofE before going on the website.

How do I edit or delete my tips?

To edit or delete tips you have posted on the website, please contact [email protected]

How do I add comments to existing tips?

You can add your own thoughts or suggestions to existing tips by selecting the ‘Comments’ button under each tip. This will bring up a form, where you will be asked to enter your name and leave a comment. Once you have completed these fields with your information, click ‘Submit’. Please note that your comment will be reviewed by the DofE before going on the website.

How do I edit or delete my comments?

To edit or delete comments you have posted on the website, please contact [email protected]

Can I share tips with the rest of my DofE support team?

If you would like to share tips with the rest of your DofE support team, select the ‘Add to Saved Tips’ button for each tip. Please note that you can select as many tips as you like. Once you have made your selection, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Email Me’ button under ‘My Saved Tips’. Enter your email address and click ‘Submit’. You should then receive an email containing your saved tips, which can be downloaded or forwarded on to your colleagues.

Alternatively, you can add tips directly to your personal or professional calendar so that you can set reminder dates. On your chosen tip, select the ‘Add to Calendar’ button; choose the date you would like it to appear in your calendar; and click ‘Add Selected Date’. From the dropdown list, choose the type of email calendar you would like the tip to be integrated with (currently available on Apple Calendar, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo), which will then either direct you to the host’s site or produce an event download.

How do I remove a tip from ‘My saved tips’?

If you have selected to add a tip to your ‘Saved Tips’ by mistake, click the ‘Added’ button on the tip to remove it.

What should I do if I am having a technical issue on the website?

We’re sorry if you are having difficulties with our website. Please contact [email protected] about the problems you are experiencing, and someone will get back to you shortly.