Blog 13 December 2021

Five ways to make the most out of your DofE before the holidays

As the festive season gets well underway, read our top tips for making the most out of your DofE before the end of the year.

1. Choose your activities

Choose all your sectional activities: you might have only chosen one or two to start with, so use this opportunity to get thinking about what you’d like to tackle for your other sections! Not sure what you’re going to choose? Take a look at our activity ideas here.

2. Find an Assessor

Once you’ve chosen your activities, you’ll need to find an Assessor to check in on your progress and agree the completion of a section of your programme. Your Assessor should have knowledge of the activity being undertaken and be aware of your objectives – if you’re struggling to find an Assessor speak to your Leader.

3. Check in on your progress

Make sure to check in on yourself about how you’re doing with your DofE programme. Do you need to find another activity? Have you received your Assessor report back? If you need any extra support, you can speak to your DofE Leader.

4. Shop with your DofE Card

Let’s admit it, we’ve all left our Christmas shopping to the last minute at some point. Struggling for gift ideas? Remember you can get up to 15% off our Recommended Retailers with your DofE Card. Once you’ve filled out your eDofE profile and entered your home address, your personalised DofE Card will be sent to you in your Welcome Pack.

5. Use your DofE App

Use your DofE App to plan activities, get approval from Leaders, record evidence and submit programmes for completion. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

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