Omar learned valuable life skills while doing his DofE

Time management and leadership skills weren’t what Omar expected to pick up while doing his DofE, but he now says they were the most important things he’s learned while doing his Bronze and Silver Awards.

Omar, from Leicester, coached younger students at school in PE and says arranging fixtures gave him skills for the future.

Omar said: “DofE has positively impacted me and allowed me to meet new people with the same goals, improved my physical health enormously and I’ve learnt new skills previously outside of my comfort zone.”

“The most important lesson I learned was time management and leadership skills. Hosting sports fixtures allowed me to engage with younger children and enact leadership and management skills. Cooking for my Skills section was an individual activity which saw me having to follow instructions precisely to reach the desired outcome. Collecting evidence and regularly attending activities has shown a consistent and hard work ethic, as well as displaying commitment. DofE has allowed me to meet new people and learn new skills. Experiencing new things has widened my understanding and availability of activities I can do.”

“DofE can hugely expand young people’s understandings of the world around them outside of the school curriculum. It gives you a responsibility for six-plus months which will prove to be challenging but you will have to overcome and step out of your comfort zone.”

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