Volunteering, Physical and Skills AAP

Application for current AAPs who wish to add an additional distance learning/volunteering opportunity to their existing AAP licence.

Please provide details of the additional activity you would like adding to your AAP licence. Please note that each activity needs to be considered – your AAP licence does not cover the whole organisation’s activities – it will only be those approved by DofE.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].

    *Name of AAP

    *What is your name?

    *What is your email address?

    *Name of activity / programme

    *Which section is this activity for?

    *What is the main activity the participant will be undertaking (the purpose of the activity)?

    *Levels of award to be offered:

    *How will the opportunity be delivered?

    *Is there a minimum age for participants? If relevant, how are parents/ guardians of under 18s communicated with?

    *Who will assess the participant’s progress?

    *How will the Assessor engage with the participants throughout the activity?

    *Is there a cost for participants to take part in this opportunity? If yes please provide details of this cost. If expenses can be claimed please provide details of this.

    *Are participants advised of safety, how to report concerns and what to do in the event of an emergency?

    *Please provide more information and an example 12 week plan about the opportunity

    Please include any other information that you consider relevant

    Opportunity Finder

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