Benefits of running the DofE

When an organisation runs the DofE, it’s not only young people that benefit with life-changing experiences.

Schools, colleges, youth groups, clubs, young offender institutions, fostering agencies, hospitals and more, find that the benefits are far-reaching; supporting staff with their professional development and enhancing the reputation of the organisation.


– Young people develop a whole range of skills and attributes such as resilience, confidence, commitment, drive, self-awareness, empathy, team working and problem solving, which support them in navigating adult life.

– Achieving a respected Award that’s recognised throughout the world, improves young people’s FE / HE prospects and opens doors to jobs.

– If doing their DofE in school, students can develop positive relationships with teachers outside of the classroom, benefiting their wider school life.

– When doing their DofE, young people interact with peers on a level playing field; any young person, of any ability, can start their DofE programme.

Licensed Organisations

– Holding a DofE licence is a marketing accolade that attracts new students and members.

– Young people volunteering in the community reflect positively on the organisation.

– If running the DofE in schools or colleges, it helps fulfil personal development requirements, especially within the Ofsted 2019 framework. It can also be used as an enrichment activity for students receiving pupil premium funding and for those involved in alternative curriculum programmes.

Adults running the DofE

– Teachers, volunteers and other staff can develop themselves and their CVs through running the DofE; building and demonstrating skills such as organisation, teamwork, leadership and financial management.

– Working together on DofE activities creates a less formal environment for staff and young people to build positive relationships.

– The DofE can create cohesion across the whole organisation, building stronger working relationships between colleagues from different departments that may not have otherwise worked together.


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