Blog 6 April 2020

The good news-round – 6 April

The world might be more worrying and stressful for everyone right now – but there are still pockets of positivity and good news out there to keep us all positive.

1. Young people got stuck into DIY

While distance learning, 13-year-old Sergio made the most of being in the sunshine and built an impressive garden shed. He made the shed as part of his Bronze DofE for his mum who is working as a Hospice Nurse. Great job Sergio!

Sergio building shed in garden

2. We got creative for our Physical section

Being in self-isolation isn’t stopping our determined young people from carrying on with their Physical section. One participant, who was doing gym work to build up her strength and stamina improvised and used bags of sugar as weights. No gym equipment? No problem!

Participant exercising using bags of sugar as weights in living room

3. Gold Award holders were out on the frontline

We’ve been hearing from young people helping the coronavirus relief effort. Our Gold Award holders have been volunteering on the frontline, from transporting NHS patients to doing food shops for those who are self-isolating. More on that to come over the next few weeks. Well done to you all!

4. A Bronze DofE participant looked after our keyworkers

We’re incredibly proud of our young people who are using their DofE sections to do good during this time. 13-year-old Bronze participant Jonathan has used his parents’ 3D printer to make shield masks for frontline staff. A care home has already asked for 20 masks to protect their staff and his parents hope that their local supermarkets will follow next.

Young man wearing homemade plastic mask

5. You can now donate beer to say thanks to NHS workers

Brewgooder has set up #OneOnUs – a platform that allows anyone to pay for and donate a 4-pack of beer to NHS workers. “It’s not much, but with beer nationally recognised as a currency of gratitude, it’s a small gesture to show your appreciation to a tireless NHS worker that you don’t know and may never meet. A way of saying, here’s one on us.” – Brewgooder.

6. Mountain goats in Wales decided it was the perfect time to chill in the town centre

A herd of mountain goats ventured their way down from the rocky outcrops of the Great Orme Country Park to the seaside town of Llandudno, in North Wales. It’s thought the herd was drawn to the town because of the lack of locals or tourists.

7. A woman accidentally turned herself into a potato during a Microsoft Teams call and couldn’t turn it off

A woman had to deal with a new appearance for an entire meeting when she found herself appearing as a potato on her Microsoft Teams call and couldn’t turn off the filter. Luckily for us, one of her employees decided to screenshot the call and share it with the world.

Conference call with three participants, one is a potato filter

8. A 101-year-old who survived the Spanish flu beat coronavirus

An Italian man who was born during the Spanish flu pandemic has beaten the odds to survive coronavirus, in what his city’s mayor said “provided hope for the future”.

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