Blog 18 December 2020

Making the most of a break

Here’s our top six suggestions for what a DofE participant to help young people complete their DofE over the festive break.

Two young people in high vis jackets working at a food bank

1. Decide on their activities

They may have already decided on what they’re going to do for a couple of their sections, but have they planned all four (or five at Gold)? Time can be spent chatting online with people from school, their youth group or with their friends and relatives  about what interests them. Check out our handy planning sheets and activity logs. For activities that can be done under COVID-19 restrictions, try our alternative ideas here.

2. Reach out to the community

Volunteering opportunities can be a bit restricted at the moment but there’s plenty that young people could be doing to help their community whilst social distancing. From local or national fundraising and campaigning, to helping at foodbanks and running online sessions for youth groups, there’s lots to choose from.

3. Find an opportunity

Once they know what to do, they can find out where they can do the activity and make contact with the organisers. They can find opportunities for all sections here. Some may have restrictions at the moment so please check with the providers and your child’s DofE Leader before starting anything.

4. Upload evidence to eDofE

eDofE is our online record-keeping system. Young people are sent an email with their login details when they sign up to do their programme. They’re encouraged to upload pictures, screenshots, certificates etc. to their eDofE account so their Leader can see how they are progressing. If they are having trouble signing into their account, there is plenty of help available here.

5. Thinking ahead

If they are starting to think about applying to further education colleges or university, maybe they could include in their search criteria whether or not there’s a DofE club there? It’s good to be able to continue with their DofE activities and either complete their programme or start the next level. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

6. Do their activities

Whether it’s a craft, sport, dance activity or a spot of volunteering in the community, a holiday from school is an excellent time to banish those boredom blues. They could make the most of this time to kick-start a section of their DofE programme and get it completed before any exams start looming in the early summer.

Opportunity Finder

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