Blog 19 April 2022

Roles in your Expedition team

Your expedition will be a challenge, but it will involve a range of activities which means there is something for everyone to excel and shine in, even though you’ll be working on everything as a team Take a look at the most common activities and let us know which fits most with your strengths.

The Motivator 

During your expedition, it’s inevitable that some team-members’ motivation might begin to lag, especially if you have just encountered a herd of angry cows or fallen in another bog. If you’re someone who likes to keep spirits high, and are a people person, then you’ll excel at making sure your team stay positive and focused on completing their expedition. Remember to remind your team how amazing it’s going to feel at the end when you’ve finished your expedition, and all the important skills they will have developed along the way. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a packet of biscuits. 

The Chef 

It’s important that everyone is well fed and hydrated during the expedition, trust us, you’ll need the energy! If you’re resourceful and creative then taking a lead on planning the meals and cooking is something you would be good at.  

Unfortunately, you won’t have the luxury of using a cooker on your expedition, you’ll probably have just the one single-ring stove to use, so it’s a good idea to test recipes before you go. Practice using food that doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a packet of pasta! Read more here

The Map Reader 

Map reading is a key part of your DofE expedition, going out and getting back safely is a key element! If your skills include attention to detail, or navigation, this is a part of the expedition you’re sure to excel in. 

Different types of expeditions may require different types of maps, so brush up on your map reading skills by taking a look at our useful resources.

The Reminder 

Once your team has collectively chosen your expedition aim and got it approved by your leader, you’ll need to make sure you keep on track with it throughout your expedition. If your strengths are organisation and time-management, then this part of the expedition is something you would enjoy. If you see a good opportunity to do a task that will contribute to your expedition aim or project, let your team know, and keep everyone on track with meeting it.  

The Organiser

Putting up your tent is a very important part of the expedition: you’re going to need somewhere to sleep. If your skills are leadership and teamwork then your strengths are sure to be geared towards campcraft and admin, like coordinating getting the tents up and designating cooking and cleaning areas. Putting up tents is a team-effort, so delegate tasks to various team members and ensure that each step of the process happens and in the right order. 

Your expedition has many different parts, so people with a wide range of interests and strengths will find something that they can shine in. However, it’s important to remember that to achieve your Expedition section, your team will each have to play all these different roles. This might mean sometimes doing an activity that you feel less confident in, but by giving the different roles a go, there is so much you can learn! 

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