news 2 June 2021

The DofE responds to the government’s school catch-up plan

Young people in school uniform sat on grass

Ruth Marvel, Chief Executive of the DofE, said: “Academic catch-up is crucial for young people whose education has been severely disrupted by the pandemic. The package of tutoring and teacher training will therefore play an important role in supporting young people’s learning and tackling the growing attainment gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils.”


“However, education recovery is about more than just academics. In order to learn well, young people need to feel well, feel energised and feel confident – and youth wellbeing has taken a battering during the pandemic. That’s why extracurricular activities and youth programmes – from sport and creativity to outdoor learning and social action – must also be an integral part of the recovery package. These activities are proven to build young people’s resilience, confidence and life-skills, vital not only for their mental health but also for their future job prospects.”


“The role of extracurricular activities should be a major focus of the upcoming review of school hours, and we encourage the government to seek input from young people themselves to ensure their insights and ideas help shape decision-making.”

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