From teamwork and innovation to overcoming personal challenges, we want to shine a light on the amazing things that young people do through their DofE, no matter their age or Award level, to inspire and encourage others.

And we want to highlight the unrivalled commitment, passion and innovation of the adults who power the DofE – changing the lives of the young people they support. This is Youth 2024 showcases the range and reach of the DofE, highlighting the untold stories that deserve recognition.

Nominations are now open – and we need your help! Find out more about the categories you can nominate young people and adults for here.

Creativity: Innovator of the Year

This category celebrates young people who are breaking new ground and problem-solving with innovative ideas through their DofE. This could be anything from content creation and coding to pioneering a new way of helping others or the environment.

Maybe they’ve developed a new product that’s helped others, introduced a new recycling system in their school, documented their DofE experiences through engaging online content, created an app, launched a hospital radio show, or found an inventive solution to a problem that was holding them or others back. If you know young people who have thought outside the box to solve problems and used their creativity to inspire others, we want to hear from you.

Community Impact: Change Maker of the Year

This category celebrates local heroes who have made a positive impact in their community.

Whether it’s starting a new project in a care home or organising a clean-up in the local area, launching a club in school, or coordinating collections for a local food bank, we’re looking for stories of young people who have made a difference to those around them.

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Teamwork: All-stars of the Year

This category celebrates a group of young people who have banded together to achieve something extraordinary.

Do you know a team whose collective drive and spirit lifted them to go beyond what any one of them could achieve on their own? Whether working together to overcome a challenge, using first aid skills to offer real-life help in an emergency, launching a new project, or making sure their DofE journey was inclusive, it’s all about the power of a great team.

Leadership: Trailblazer of the Year

Let’s celebrate the young people who demonstrate incredible leadership skills by using their voices to make a difference, leading the way, or advocating for others.

Leadership comes in many forms – there’s no one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s supporting teammates, influencing decision-makers or taking on additional responsibilities, we’re looking for young people who are blazing a trail and bringing their friends, schools and communities along with them.

Resilience: Boundary Breaker of the Year

This category celebrates young people who have overcome their own challenges to achieve something personally life-changing, rewriting the rules on what they thought was possible.

Whatever the obstacles – personal, physical, social, financial or emotional – we’ll celebrate the young people who’ve persevered and shown extraordinary resilience to reach their goals.

Inspirational Adult: Life Changer of the Year

This category recognises DofE Leaders, Managers, and volunteers who have gone above and beyond to open up opportunities to young people through their DofE. We want to celebrate those who’ve been creative in their approach, inclusive in their outlook, and who stand out as role models to others.

Do you know someone who has made a transformational impact on young people over the last year – for example, launching DofE somewhere new, or increasing participation or raising funds so that more young people can experience the life-changing impact of DofE?

Exceptional Service: Torchbearer of the Year

Without the incredible commitment and dedication of our Leaders and other volunteers, the DofE simply wouldn’t happen. This category celebrates an adult who has dedicated more than 10 years to supporting DofE participants, making a lasting impact on countless young people and communities.

Do you know someone who’s demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and commitment, contributing their time, energy, and passion for more than a decade to make a real difference and help young people fulfil their potential? We’re looking for nominees who are creative in their approach, inclusive in their outlook, and stand out as role models to others.

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