Training Centre

The DofE is committed to ensuring high quality training is in place for DofE Leaders and volunteers that run our programmes. Scroll down for all available online training courses and click on each for detailed information, resources and downloads.

Two boys kayaking
E-introduction Training Course

Basic introduction to the DofE, its principles and explanation of roles, responsibilities and safety information. Required before Introduction to the DofE course.

Group of boys stood around tents
Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme

Prepares Assessors to undertake the role, with 20 expedition section conditions to help facilitate young people’s success.

Young man playing table tennis
Introduction to the DofE

Covers the mission and principles of the DofE, as well as providing an overview of levels, sections and timescales of the Award.

Two girls on their DofE expedition in a field of sheep
Introduction to the Expedition section

Provides an understanding of the programme requirements for a DofE expedition. Including the e-learning modules required before the IttDofE, EAAS and ESTC courses.

Two young people riding bikes with yellow flags wearing helmets
Expedition Supervisor Training Course

Helps Supervisors understand their role and tasks, manage risk and provide the best quality expedition experience possible for all young people.

Leader with group of young people getting ready for paddleboarding
DofE Leadership Programme Training Course

Supports new and existing DofE Leaders to manage groups, improve teamwork and leadership skills.

Young girl playing with a child as a volunteer
Award Verifier Training Course

Compulsory learning package for Award Verifiers, equipping them with the necessary programme and practical knowledge.

Group of young girls horseriding wearing high-vis jackets
DofE Expedition Skills Training Course

Basic expedition skills course, giving staff the skills needed to support DofE expedition delivery and training.

Two wheelchair users on DofE and two young leaders
Modular Training Framework

Information on the learning outcomes and supporting flyers for each of the MTF modules, plus information for potential trainers.

Man teaching two young people to read maps
Training opportunities for DofE Leaders

A simple way to search for training opportunities by course, location, cost or date.

Woman tutoring two young people
Directors/Tutors training materials

Trainer notes, delegate materials and supporting resources for trainers to run DofE Modular Training Framework courses.