DofE Challenge 2020

Taking on a DofE Challenge is your opportunity to achieve something new and do something out of your comfort zone to raise money for the DofE Charity,

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges, making the DofE more relevant and important than ever.

The DofE offers a range of experiences and opportunities and we need your help to extend the DofE to all young people, from all backgrounds, to benefit both them and the wider community.
All people involved in fundraising for the DofE Challenge should follow the current government guidance, as well as NHS advice on how to protect yourself and others and when to seek medical help. We ask that, as a fundraiser for the DofE, you do not plan any fundraising activities that contradicts any official government guidance and response to tackling Covid-19.

We appreciate that fundraising may be more difficult than usual in this challenging and uncertain time.

Calling all home heroes

The possibilities for fundraising ideas and activities are endless. Take a look at our list of 20 Challenges to take on in 2020 and get involved to help raise money for the DofE 

Choose an event

Take a look at the third party events you could take part in to raise money for the DofE. From 10k runs to marathons and skydives, we’ve got a selection of events to choose from. 

Do your own fundraising

Looking to create your own challenge? We’ve got loads of ideas to get you started! We’ll help you out with everything you need for fundraising.

You can request a handy fundraising pack, plus gain access to downloadable resources, including a sponsorship form and poster. We ask participants to set themselves a minimum fundraising target of £60. Raise £100 and you’ll earn a DofE Challenge pin to go with your certificate.