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Did you know that the skills young people gain while doing their DofE will help them get a job?

About LifeZone

The LifeZone is an exclusive and free site for DofE Award holders and participants designed to help them describe the skills they develop through their DofE on their CVs and applications and learn how to talk about them at interviews.

Whether it’s the leadership, teamworking or initiative demonstrated as part of their expedition or the commitment, communication or positivity showcased through their volunteering and other activities, these are all skills that employers are looking for.

The LifeZone also gives young people access to some top companies that actively believe in the DofE and look for Award holders when they recruit.

And if you haven’t started your DofE programme yet, then the LifeZone is yet another reason why you should.


Businesses that believe in DofE Award holders

On the LifeZone you’ll find great profile pages from each of our supporters including large UK businesses such as Amey, British Gas, Royal Mail, and DFS, that feature exclusive careers advice and information.

As DofE supporters they’re committed to the development of young people and truly believe in the work-ready skills DofE Award holders have to offer.

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DofE Skills for Work website

We asked UK employers to endorse the skills and attributes such as resilience, commitment, self-motivation and team working that young people with a DofE Award bring to the workplace.

Discover the skills and attributes our supporters are looking for in their employees.

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