24.09.20 By Arran Templeton

Social Value Certificates: recognising the impact of The DofE

COVID-19 has been a challenging situation for many young people and adults, with both mental and physical health being impacted. Communities have faced a multitude of social and financial consequences as a result of lockdown restrictions.

DofE Scotland recognises the fantastic work DofE participants do, both in and for their communities, and has been issuing congratulatory certificates to celebrate participants’ efforts towards the Volunteering, Physical, and Skills sections of their DofE.

Over 660 Social Value Certificates have been shared with DofE Licenced Organisations (LOs) and DofE Centres within our largest local authority LOs. This means that each school or youth/community organisation who deliver the DofE will have a certificate, which we hope will be on prominent display, to celebrate the outstanding work of their young people. DofE Scotland would be delighted if Community Learning and Development partners made use of this certificate too, perhaps in CLD Plans.

As well as marking the contributions made by young people within LOs, at an individual level, DofE participants who complete their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections will receive their DofE Certificate of Achievement. The Certificate is formal recognition, by the DofE, of their dedication to their programmes and everything they’ve achieved through these three sections, as well as their resilience in coping with ongoing uncertainty.

The DofE Scotland Operations team are available to answer any questions regarding Social Value Certificates or the DofE Certificate of Achievement – contact us at [email protected]. Don’t forget to check out #MakingADofEDifference to see the responses from some of our partners to these certificates.


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