Thank you for your interest in the new online photography course that we’re offering to 10 DofE participants for free.

This course has been created for DofE participants who have a passion for storytelling and photography. We’re looking for young people from a range of backgrounds and life experiences who would love to learn more about how to tell stories creatively through photography and at the same time complete their DofE Skills section.

The online course will run weekly for 24 weeks from mid-February and will cover all aspects of learning to take great photos and how to tell a powerful story photographically.

If you’re in alternative education, currently not in education, training or employment, a young carer, living with a disability, are from an ethnic minority, have experience of the care system or from any other marginalised group and would love to explore your experience and your DofE journey through photography then this course could be for you.

Perhaps you have a burning desire to photograph the impact of poverty on young people’s lives? Perhaps you’re passionate about the environment and would like to photograph how climate change is impacting young people’s lives? Perhaps you want to document how COVID has impacted your generation?

If this sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you!

apply here

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 6 February 2022.

If you need any support with your application, please don’t hesitate to ask your DofE Leader or a family member to help. Or you can get in touch with [email protected] for support.

If you are selected, you will receive a Nikon D3500 camera for the duration of the course. Your course fees will also be fully paid for. You will need to commit to weekly workshops for 24 weeks as well as weekly assignments to practice what you’ve learned.

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