The pandemic has hit young people hard, affecting their lives today and the future world they’ll inherit.

The DofE – with all the mental, physical and employability benefits it brings – is a great way for them to recover, rebuild and learn to navigate their ‘new normal’.

Young people shouldn’t miss out on starting their programmes because of COVID-19. But, as a new school year starts, we know you’ll have a lot to think about besides the DofE.

That’s why we’ve created a ready-made, social distancing-friendly toolkit to make it easy for you to tell potential participants, parents and carers this summer and autumn all about the DofE.

Just take a look at the resources below and pick and choose what works best for you and your organisation.

1. Welcome films for young people and their parents
What are they? 

Three different types of short film to explain what the DofE’s all about – and get young people and their families excited about it: 

  • Recruitment films showing what doing your DofE involves 
  • Longer welcome / recruitment films, showing how you can choose your activities. 
  • Films for parents and carers, with mums and dads talking to their children about what their DofE’s done for them. 

Each film comes in three versions – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and there are Welsh-subtitled versions on our YouTube channel. 

We made the films before the pandemic – so the situations and behaviour they show don’t reflect current social distancing guidelines.  

But they capture the spirit and challenge of the DofE and show how young people can tailor their programmes to suit them. 

How can I use them? 

Show them however and wherever you’d like to engage and excite potential and current participants and their families. 

During social distancing, the films are perfect for showing as part of a virtual meeting or recruitment event, on their own or as part of presentations (see 2 below). You can also share them on social media, online or by email.  

When it’s safe to do so, they’re also great for showing at in-person recruitment events, assemblies or other meetings. 

You can stream them from our YouTube, download them from our website or simply share the links with young people, parents and carers, via email and your social channels. 

2. Click-and-play video presentations
What are they?

Usually, DofE Operations Officers around the UK visit schools and organisations to explain to young people in person what the DofE is all about and how they can take part.

Given this year’s social distancing challenges, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for Licensed Organisations to share this information with prospective participants and their parents / carers at a time, and through a medium, that’s convenient for them.

So we’ve developed a series of video presentations, voiced by members of the DofE team, to tell young people all about what a Bronze DofE programme involves and how they can get started.

How can I use them?

You can show the videos to prospective Bronze participants in whatever ‘in person’ or online setting works best for your school or organisation. Just click below to stream or download.

Bronze click-and-play video presentations Silver click-and-play video presentations
3. Ready-made recruitment presentations

Downloadable PowerPoint presentations explaining the fundamentals of each Award level, with our recruitment films included – as well as PDF versions for emailing. 

There’s a four- and eight-minute version of each, so you can pick the one that works best for you. 

We also have Bronze, Silver and Gold template presentations with some additional information specific to parents and carers.

How can I use them? 

If you’re holding a virtual recruitment meetingshare your screen and talk attendees through the presentation yourself – including playing the film. It’s a really handy way to summarise what each level involves. 

You can also share PDF versions by email, with links to the films. 

When social distancing eases, these are great for sharing at in-person events where you want to introduce potential participants and families to the DofE, or to a new Award level.  

Feel free to tailor them so they suit your school or organisation and audience. 

4. Template emails and social media posts
What are they 

We’ve drafted a template letter to parents and carers, a template email to potential participants and template social media posts which you can use to reach out to potential participants, parents and carers, encouraging them to sign up.

How can I use them?

Use the email and letter as the basis for messages to send to anyone you’d like to encourage to get involved. You can use these word-for-word or personalise them to your own channels and audience.

If your organisation has social media channels (maybe even ones just for the DofE) use our template posts as an introduction to the DofE – and again, feel free to edit to suit your circumstances.

5. Printable #DofEWithADifference poster and flyer
What are they?

An eye-catching poster and flyer showing how young people can do their DofE, despite social distancing. There’s also a Welsh-language version of the flyer.

These are a great way to remind current and potential participants, parents and carers of the huge range of activities young people can pick from to personalise their DofE – and that they don’t have to miss out on doing theirs, despite the pandemic.

How can I use them?  

Download and print the poster and put it anywhere it’ll grab the attention of potential and current participants and their parents or carers. Feel free to add your name and contact details.

The flyers can be printed and sent to potential participants, parents and carers – and there are also digital versions of both, which you can share over email or online.

6. Your DofE Brand Centre
What is it?

As someone who helps run the DofE, you have access to our online Brand Centre – where you can customise a whole range of templates for promotional DofE posters, leaflets and banners, edit the images and text and add your own logo.

You’ll also find a large image library and selection of DofE logos.

How can I use it? 

You don’t need any special software – everything can be done online. You just need to register on the Brand Centre.

You can either order products for delivery or download resources as PDFs for free, share via email or print yourself – then use and distribute them to parents, carers and young people in whatever way works best for you and them.

7. Your Resources Centre
What is it?

If you’re not looking to tailor and personalise your documents, our online Resources Centre has dozens of ready-made flyers, posters and leaflets designed for recruiting new young people and informing their parents and carers. 

You can also find our new DofE With A Difference poster and flyer, template presentations and template letter, email and social media posts in the Resources Centre. 

How can I use it?

Just head to the Resources Centre – no need to register – and use the filters to find what you’re after (for example, tick ‘Recruiting’). Then take your pick from the resources on offer and click the ‘download’ button.

You can print them yourself or share them digitally.

8. More recruitment ideas
What is it? 

We’ve gathered some extra ideas for promoting your DofE group inside and outside your organisation, all of which you can do within social distancing guidelines.

How can I use it?

From recruiting Award holders to holding online Q&As with potential participants, have a read and see if any of these ideas could work for you.

We’ve also developed a delivery toolkit, drawing together lots of resources to help you with all aspects of running the DofE over the next academic year – including details of temporary programme changes during the COVID-19 outbreakTake a look.