Welcome to everything you need to inspire young people and their parents and carers to get involved with the DofE. It’s all here – videos, presentations, email and letter templates, posters, social media suggestions and more.  

Simply choose and use the ones that work best for you – and thanks, as ever, for the brilliant work you do helping young people to feel ready for anything.   

Our Welcome Film

Created together with young people, our welcome film sums up exactly what makes DofE so special – in just a few minutes.   It has been designed to help you set the scene, and to inspire young people to find out more.  It shows why DofE is a skills-building, confidence-boosting, life-changing opportunity – and it makes clear that DofE is open for everyone.  

 How you use the welcome film is your call. If you’re hosting a presentation online or in person, you could start with the film to get your audience fired up and then share the more detailed information contained elsewhere in the recruitment pack.  Or you could deliver an introduction and then use the film to expand on what you’ve said.  However you decide to use the film, it’s the perfect way to show your audience how DofE prepares young people to overcome anything life throws in their way.   

The film is available to stream on YouTube or download using the buttons below. Once you’ve opened the video, click the three dots in the bottom right and click ‘download’.

You can also share the YouTube link for young people and parents to watch in their own time.

Download English version Download Welsh version Download Northern Irish version Download BSL version
PowerPoint Presentations

Created based on feedback from organisations running DofE across the UK, these downloadable PowerPoints are tailored for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  There is also a version to use if you decide to reach out to parents and carers too. 

They let young people and parents and carers know what to expect from the Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition sections of their DofE (and for Gold, the Residential section). Our new welcome film is embedded in them ready to play. 

We’ve made them fully editable, so you can add extra slides or drop your details in. Don’t forget you can save them as pdfs to send to anyone who can’t make your presentations. Just click the links below to download direct to your computer.

There are also detailed speaking notes included with each slide to help you.

Download English PowerPoints Download Welsh PowerPoints Volunteering presentation: launch assembly
Recruitment Activity Ideas

There are all kinds of ways to inspire young people to get involved with the DofE. You’ll find plenty of our tried and tested favourites here, and we’re always looking to add new ideas. 

There’s no doubt it’s a seriously tough time for many young people right now. But together we can light the spark that helps young people believe they are ready for anything.  

Activity Ideas
Example Social Media Posts

In this section we’ve added a few ideas for recruiting young people via your organisation’s X, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

If you have a social media specialist in your organisation, feel free to adapt these based on what works best for you.  But remember: 

– It’s best if you include an image, video or hyperlink with our suggested text.  

– You should download some graphics as part of the toolkit to post with the suggested text to make your posts stand out.   

– If you have high-quality photos from previous DofE group activities, you might also use these – you just need to make sure you have permission from everyone featured.  

– Posting our new welcome video is a great way to engage your followers.  Download the file and upload it to your channels, or you can share the video from the official DofE account on Facebook and X. 

English Social Media Posts Welsh Social Media Posts
Letter and Email Templates

These templates should come in handy if you’re writing to parents, carers and young people to let them know how doing DofE delivers a whole new perspective on life. They are all fully editable so you can add your details and make sure the tone is right for your organisation.  

English Email & Letter Templates Editable English Email & Letter Templates Welsh Email & Letter Templates

As well as brightening up any wall, window or noticeboard, these posters should give young people a good idea of how the DofE can help you feel limitless.  They have been designed to give a taste of what DofE involves.  Feel free to choose the poster that works best for you or why not display them all?

English posters Welsh posters
Leaflets and Flyers

Designed to be easily printed at home, these downloads should help you share key information with parents, carers and young people. You can choose from:  

– A guide to DofE for parents and carers

– A guide to DofE for parents and carers of young people with additional needs

– A guide to DofE Direct – our new way to achieving the Gold DofE Award online and independently

– A guide to DofE for students in further and higher education

– A flyer to help you spread the word about DofE.

It’s a good idea to have a few printed copies with you whenever you’re doing anything linked to DofE – you never know who might ask for more info! 

English leaflets & flyers Welsh flyer
Images and Logos

Photos can play a powerful role in showing what doing your DofE is really like – and in overcoming any misconceptions people might have. The ones in the DofE Brand Centre have been chosen to show the full range of people who do their DofE and the full range of challenges they take on. They are all copyright-free and available for print and online use. You can also find our logos and other templates in this section, along with guidance on how to use them.

Visit Our Brand Centre
Sample Enrolment Form

Using a standard enrolment form can help you keep a record of all the young people who want to take part.  Download our template to help get you started. 

English Enrolment Form Welsh Enrolment Form

Opportunity Finder

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