Expedition Training Framework – Bronze

Expedition Training Framework – Silver

Expedition Training Framework – Gold

Expedition Safety Card

Sample participant enrolment form

Sample Leader enrolment form

DofE Managers Pack (DLC)

EAAS record sheet

Expedition Route Card Master Form

Expedition session plan inserts

Expedition Variations Process Map 

Horseriding expeditions training syllabus

Learning outcomes – Award Verifier

Learning outcomes – EAAS

Learning outcomes – E-induction 

Learning outcomes – ESTC 

Learning outcomes – IttDofE

Training flyer – EAAS

Training flyer – AV

Training flyer – ESTC

Training flyer – DofE leadership

Training flyer – Managing a DofE group 

Training flyer – MTF

Training framework – boatwork

Training framework – core paddling skills

Training syllabus – horseback expeditions

Water sports safety code

Role Description – DofE Co-ordinator

Role Description – DofE Expedition Assessor

Role Description – DofE Expedition Supervisor

Role Description – DofE Manager

Role Description – DofE Manager (DLCs)

Role Description – Award Verifier

Volunteer Management Toolkit Document and  Templates

DofE Volunteer Managers Toolkit

Exit interview template

Welcome letter template

Volunteer handbook suggested content toolkit

Volunteer role description template

Volunteer review form template

Volunteer reference form template

Volunteer policy template

Volunteer interview questions

Volunteer feedback template

Volunteer expression of interest form

Volunteer audit template

Volunteer advert

Voluntary role profile

Training needs analysis template

Expenses claim form template

Induction checklist template

Supervision form template

Sample volunteer thank you letter

Induction pack – suggested content