The aim of the Expedition section: to inspire young people to develop initiative and a spirit of adventure and discovery, by planning, training for and completing an adventurous self-sufficient journey, as part of a team. We’ve compiled a range of expedition resources to support throughout.

We have fantastic expedition resources available to support you and your group during the preparation and undertaking of the expedition section. Download, share or print all of our expedition resources below.

Ways to use these resources:

  • Email to DofE participants
  • Add to DofE section on your school/centre portal
  • Put up posters on noticeboards
  • Use in expedition training sessions
Expedition Kit Guide

This guide is aimed at helping participants and parents to choose and then find the right kit for their expeditions and DofE adventures.

Expedition Kit List

Having the right equipment is essential for expedition safety and well-being as well as comfort and enjoyment.

How to pack your rucksack poster

Fitting everything you need for an expedition into your rucksack can be the first challenge and it’s important to keep your stuff dry.

A rucksack packing guide
It’s worth packing different kit in certain areas of a rucksack, for easy access when needed.
Looking after your feet on expedition poster

No other piece of kit impacts the enjoyment of your expedition more than what you put on your feet.

Eating on a DofE expedition

Make the most of your cooking equipment and know how much energy you’ll need for your expedition.

Expedition Meal Planner

Plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for every day of your expedition.

Waterproofing and weather protection

Know how to look after yourself, and your kit, in hot, cold, wet or windy weather.

Stove safety instructions

Participants need to be well trained and experienced in using cooking stoves in the outdoors before going on expedition.

Silva 123 Poster
Learn how to get your bearings with Silva’s ‘easy 1-2-3 system’ resource sheet.