What kind of first aid kit should I take on expedition?

When you do your DofE expedition, you’ll need to know how to keep yourself safe in the outdoors and act in an emergency. Preparing and training with a first aid kit helps you look after yourself and others.

You can adapt any first aid kit to your needs by adding specific items for any conditions, allergies or other medical needs you might have on your journey.

The most common expedition first aid problem is blisters. Make sure to pack lots of blister plasters and antiseptic wipes.

DofE recommended first aid kit

Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit

  • Mid-size
  • For blisters, cuts and scrapes
  • Includes bandages and medication
  • 14 items



Lifesystems Camping First Aid Kit

  • Large size
  • For burns, cuts and grazes
  • Comprehensive range of equipment
  • 24 items



Lifesystems Blister First Aid Kit 

  • Light and compact
  • Designed for foot blisters
  • Includes wipes and plasters
  • Four items



Lifesystems Waterproof First Aid Kit

  • Large size
  • Designed for injuries from water sports and outdoor activity
  • Made from tough, waterproof material
  • 32 items


How to get the most from your first aid kit
  • Familiarise yourself with your first aid kit before you head out on your expedition. Check all the contents are there and clearly labelled.
  • Include specific items for conditions, allergies or medicinal needs you might have on your journey e.g. hay fever, insect bites.
  • Before you go, practice applying a bandage or simple dressing.
  • Take a blister kit. Prevention is better than cure so put some plasters on where you’ve had blisters before to protect your feet from the start.
  • For more serious injuries, always carry the contact details of a hospital or rescue service for the area you are in.
Money saving tips
  • Talk to your Leader and find out much first aid kit you need. Gold expeditions will need more than Bronze ones.
  • See if your school or centre kit store has safety gear you can borrow.
  • Ask your family or friends if you can borrow or re-use nail scissors, bandages and other first aid items.
  • Use your DofE Card to save at least 10% on expedition kit at our recommended retailers.

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Poster downloads

First aid kit poster:

Make sure that you are well prepared for any accidents or injuries whilst on your expedition. Our poster will tell you everything you might need to bring in your first aid kit.