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Your Expedition Kit List

This list is an illustration of the items you may need when undertaking a DofE expedition. This list is to be used as a GUIDE only and there is no obligation to buy the specific items we recommend. The DofE Charity receives a royalty from all sales of DofE Recommended Kit items from any shop, which helps to support our work with young people. Please check the 10 Questions a DofE participant should ask prior to completing the DofE Kit List.


1 pair of walking boots (broken in)DofE Recommended Kit
2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans)DofE Recommended Kit
Flipflops/trainers/sandals etc (optional for campsite use)
Warm hat &/or sun hat (as appropriate)
1 pair of gloves (if appropriate)
1 pair of shorts (if appropriate)
Waterproof jacket/coat (waterproof and windproof)DofE Recommended Kit
1 pair gaiters (optional)


Camping stove fuel in an appropriate and safe containerDofE Recommended Kit
Food (lightweight including snacks)DofE Recommended Kit
Plastic bags (for rubbish)
Tick remover (location dependent - ask your Supervisor)


Rucksack liner (or 2 strong plastic bags)DofE Recommended Kit
Torch (handheld or head torch and spare batteries)DofE Recommended Kit
Expedition food (including emergency rations)DofE Recommended Kit
Box of matches (in waterproof container)DofE Recommended Kit
Wash kit/personal hygiene items (some items could be shared as a group)DofE Recommended Kit
Small quantity of money (optional)
Notebook and pen/pencil


Stove multi-disc (colander/lid/chopping board)DofE Recommended Kit
Ball, playing cards etc

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