Your Expedition Kit List

This list is an illustration of the items you may need when undertaking a DofE expedition. This list is to be used as a GUIDE only and there is no obligation to buy the specific items we recommend. The DofE Charity receives a royalty from all sales of DofE Recommended Kit items from any shop, which helps to support our work with young people. Please check the 10 Questions a DofE participant should ask prior to completing the DofE Kit List.


1 pair of walking boots (broken in)DofE Recommended Kit
    Hi-Tec: Eurotrek Lite WP – Eurotrek III WP – Aysgarth WP – Summit WP – Bandera Lite WP – Bandera II WP – Ravine WP – Mount Lennox WP – Raven Mid WP.
    Bridgedale: HIKE range Men’s and Women’s: Merino Performance – Merino Comfort – Coolmax Performance – Merino Performance and Merino Comfort.
    Bridgedale: LINERS Base Layer Coolmax Liner.
Jacket/coat (waterproof and windproof)DofE Recommended Kit
    Craghoppers: Orion – Atlas – Explore – Horizon Waterproof Jackets.
    Craghoppers: Ascent Overtrousers.
    Craghoppers: Orion – Atlas – Explore – Horizon Waterproof Jackets, Craghoppers: Stromer – Mannix – Strata Hooded Jackets and Half Zip Tops.
    Craghoppers: Atmos – Fusion T-shirt.
2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans)DofE Recommended Kit
    Craghoppers: Velocity Tight, Craghoppers: Verve – Traverse Trousers.
    Craghoppers: Verve Shorts.
Flipflops/sandals (optional for campsite use)
Warm hat and/or sun hat (as appropriate)
1 pair of gloves (if appropriate)
1 pair gaiters (optional)


    Vango: Contour and Sherpa rucksacks.
Rucksack liner (or 2 strong plastic bags)DofE Recommended Kit
    Lifeventure: Ultralight Dry Bags (2/5/10/15/25/35/55/75L) and Compression Sacks (5/10/15L).
    Vango: Nitestar - Latitude - Ultralite Pro sleeping bags.
    Vango: Single Trek and Dreamer mats.
    Lifeventure: Ultralight Dry Bags (2/5/10/15/25/35/55/75L) and Compression Sacks (5/10/15L).
    Lifeventure: Cotton sleeping bag liners.
    Lifesystems: Safety - Echo - Hurricane whistles.
Torch (handheld or head torch and spare batteries)DofE Recommended Kit
    Lifesystems: Intensity 230 and Intensity 155 head torches.
    Lifesystems First Aid Kits: Camping First Aid Kit – Trek First Aid Kit – Blister First Aid Kit – Waterproof First Aid Kit.
    Wayfayrer ready to eat expedition food, Firepot dehydrated expedition food packs.
    Lifeventure: Tritan Flask (1000ml) - Tritan Flip Top Bottle (750ml) - Tritan Bottle (650ml).
    Lifeventure: Stainless steel - Ellipse - Titanium knife fork and spoon sets.
    Lifeventure: Stainless steel camping bowl and plate - Titanium plate - Ellipse plate and bowl - collapsible bowl.
    Lifeventure: Stainless steel mug - Titanium mug - Ellipse mug.
Box of matches (in waterproof container)DofE Recommended Kit
    Lifesystems: Windproof matches.
Wash kit/personal hygiene items (some items could be shared as a group)DofE Recommended Kit
    Lifeventure: Washbag (small) - All purpose soap - Dry wash gel.
    Lifesystems: Mountain Formula SPF50 - Mountain Combi stick SPF50.
    Lifeventure: SoftFibre Lite towel (Large 120g - X Large 146g - Giant 203g).
Small quantity of money (optional)
Notebook and pen/pencil


    Vango Trek Pro range: Banshee - Pulsar - Halo - Omega - Tempest - Mirage - Cairngorm tents, Vango Experience range: Nova - Scafell - Helvellyn - Nevis tents.
    Vango: Folding gas stoves, Trangia: 25 and 27 series - Gas burner - Liquid fuel burner, Trangia 25 and 27 series - Gas burner - Gel fuel burner - Liquid fuel burner - Vango folding gas stoves.
Camping stove fuel (in an appropriate and safe container)DofE Recommended Kit
    Trangia: Fuel bottle 0.3/0.5/1L.
Tin opener (if required)
Plastic bags (for rubbish etc.)
Toilet paper or trowel
    Ordnance Survey maps: Explorer - Landranger standard and weatherproof - Custom made.
    Silva: Classic - Field - Ranger - Expedition 4 compass.
    Silva: M30 Carry Dry Map Case.
Tick remover (location dependent - ask your Supervisor)
    Lifesystems Tick Remover.
    Lifesystems: Heatshield – Survival – Thermal bags – Thermal blanket.


    BUFF – The Original multifunctional headwear.
    Vango: 2L Hydration pack.
    Vango: Storm Shelter.
Stove multidisc (lid/chopping board)DofE Recommended Kit
    Trangia: Multidisc 25 and 27 series.
    Wayfayrer ready to eat expedition food, Firepot dehydrated expedition food packs.
    Victorinox DofE Pocket Tool.
    Lifesystems: Expedition Natural 40 insect repellent, Lifesystems: Bite and Sting Relief, Lifesystems: Expedition 50 insect repellent.
    Nikwax: Tech Wash Cleaner - TX.Direct - Wash-in Reproofer - Footwear Cleaning Gel - Waterproofing Wax for Leather - Fabric and Leather Proof - Nubuck and Suede Proof - Tent and Gear Solarproof.
Ball, playing cards etc.
    Lifesystems: Micronet Single Mosquito Net.
    Lifesystems: 8h Light Sticks, Lifesystems: 15H Lightsticks.
    Lifesystems: Chlorine Dioxide tablets.

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