story 9 March 2022 By Lacey

Lacey’s DofE shows future employers her commitment and perseverance

“I first became aware of DofE when my sister applied to do her Bronze Award in Year 9 at school. Seeing how she wrote about her on her CV and how this helped her progress to university and any internships she’s applied for convinced me to also start my Bronze when I was in Year 9. Before doing my Bronze, I had never been camping, often shied away from roles of leadership and would try to avoid social activities if possible.”

“Even before I’d completed my Bronze Award, I was finding myself volunteering to do different things within school, even willingly speaking in assemblies. I didn’t realise it at the time, but looking back I see how big of a role DofE played in improving my confidence and social skills. If you’d have said to Year 8 me that I would now – in Year 12 – have finished my Silver Award and would have willingly signed up to be an Ambassador, I wouldn’t have believed you; but now I look forward to the next challenge that I can solve.”

“My next challenge is deciding what I’m going to do with my future, I’ve chosen my A-levels based on subjects I enjoyed at GCSE’s and what I was good at, but even that hasn’t helped me find the “perfect career path.” I am trusting university will give me more time to figure out exactly what it is I enjoy within a subject and what I want to pursue, but even just choosing a university is difficult and I see why A-levels can become quite stressful! However, one thing I can rely on is including my DofE on my CV and personal statement. I’m already in the process of completing my Gold Award which is already showing future employers I have qualities that they want, such as commitment, passion and perseverance.”

“DofE has not only positively impacted my life now, but I know it will continue to do so with whatever future decisions I make.”

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