story 6 February 2023

Naeema’s confidence grows through her DofE

Before starting her DofE, 15-year old Naeema was shy and timid and usually didn’t talk to other students that weren’t in her school year. Doing her DofE has allowed Naeema to grow in confidence and make friends outside of her classes. For her Volunteering section, she is helping out the community by making blankets out of crisp packets that have been mailed to her for homeless people; helping to save lives.

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Naeema is one of the DofE participants at Oasis Media City Academy. This is the first year that Oasis Media City Academy have run the DofE and their first expedition. It is also many of the students first time out of Salford City and been camping. Oasis Media City Academy is in Salford is one of our Access Without Limits programmes that are underway to offer free places for young people who need this funding the most. 

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