Blog 8 January 2024

How to nail your personal statement

With the deadline for university applications fast approaching, it’s crucial that your personal statement is in tip-top shape and you’ve included key talking points, like your DofE Award.

Read our top tips for nailing your personal statement and get ready for those all-important uni interviews.

1. Shout about skills

Make sure you identify and discuss your skills in your personal statement, both technical and soft. This is a great way to stand out from other candidates and show the university who you are as a person. Don’t forget to include examples, like the skills you learned doing your DofE and how you still apply them in your everyday life.

2. Highlight personal qualities

As well as academic achievements, skills and relevant experience – you should be prepared to highlight your own personal qualities. A lot of the time universities want to know about you as a person so make sure you discuss your traits, like resilience and teamwork. All things you may have learned or strengthened through your DofE.

3. Talk about extra-curricular activities

This is an excellent time to mention your DofE or other relevant extra-curricular activities. Employers have told us that when recruiting they look at extra-curricular activities, which develop your soft skills, just as much as academic achievements. So make sure you talk about the key things you learned during your DofE, like working as a team on your expedition or how you improved your communication skills during your Volunteering section.

4. Mention any relevant experience

This is a great opportunity for you to shout about your DofE Volunteering section, to show that you’ve given up your spare time to support others, want to contribute to your community and can demonstrate empathy and compassion. If your volunteering has some connection to your chosen course, make sure that you draw this out.


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