Welcome Pack FAQs
What’s happening?

We’re updating how we welcome young people and their families to the DofE, so they’re inspired and excited from the first moment they hear our name.

We’re reducing the amount of printed materials they’re given, finding new ways to bring the DofE to life for them at the start of their journey — and giving them better digital support throughout their programme.

As part of this, we’ve updated and condensed the Welcome Pack participants receive when they begin their DofE — and, from 1 September 2019, we’ll be sending it directly to their homes.

What will be in the updated Welcome Pack?

It will contain everything you’re already used to seeing – but it will be less text-heavy and more digestible.

There will be ‘doing your DofE’ information, Assessors’ Cards, a leaflet for parents and carers, information on discounts and offers, and a DofE Card. The pack will be different for each level, with relevant programme information and personalised DofE Cards.

All DofE Managers will be sent a copy of the updated pack before the first batch is sent to participants — and you can see the new contents here.

How is delivery changing?

At the moment, DofE Leaders receive Welcome Packs from our warehouse ASL and hand them out to new participants.

From 1 September 2019, we’ll send packs directly to participants’ homes when they register their address on their eDofE profile — sending information straight to their door without Leaders having to worry about it.

For operational reasons, Leaders will continue to distribute Welcome Packs to participants who live in Northern Ireland, or who are doing their DofE in the secure estate. For participants who have an overseas home address, packs will be sent to their DofE centre, addressed to the participant.

Why is this changing?

DofE Managers told us they’d like some support when recruiting and welcoming DofE participants, and their parents and carers. They also asked for more ‘plug and play’ materials for group presentations and for fewer administrative requirements during the welcome stage.

We want as many young people as possible to be able to do their DofE — but we don’t want that to mean more work for our Managers, Leaders and other volunteers.

We hope this new direct approach will help motivate, excite and engage participants, parents and carers from the start, while removing the need for Leaders to manage and distribute Welcome Packs.

What can I do with the old Welcome Packs I still have?

You should continue purchasing participation places from ASL, but on 31 August ASL will stop dispatching by return the current Welcome Pack. From 1 September, all new participants who’ve registered their home address on eDofE will receive an updated Pack directly.

However, if you still have current versions of the Welcome Pack, please feel free to continue to hand them out to new participants until you run out.

How will I know if a participant has received a Welcome Pack at their home?

You will not be notified when participants are sent their Welcome Packs, but — as long as they enter a correct home address — they’ll receive the pack within a couple of weeks.

What if a participant doesn’t know their postcode?

From September we’ll introduce an address look-up facility to eDofE that will find the postcode when a participant enters the rest of their home address.

What do I do if a participant hasn’t received a pack to their home?

It may take up to 21 days from when a participant enters their address on eDofE for their Welcome Pack to arrive. If their pack hasn’t arrived after this time, the participant or their Leader should email [email protected]

If the participant’s pack has been returned to us, we’ll resend it to their DofE centre, care of their Leader. If it hasn’t been returned, we will send an unpersonalised pack to their centre address.

Our experience of sending DofE Cards directly to participants’ homes over the last year has shown that the vast majority arrive safely — and we are also introducing an address look-up facility to eDofE, which will reduce the likelihood of participants incorrectly entering their address or postcode.

Will participants receive a new Welcome Pack to their homes when they progress to Silver or Gold?

Yes. When a new Award level is added to a participant’s eDofE profile, this will automatically trigger the delivery of a new pack to their home, containing content specific to their new DofE level.

How can I get more information about the updated Welcome Pack?

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to your Operations Officer.

What else is happening?

As well as the updated Welcome Pack, we’ve also launched some fantastic new DofE films to help recruit and welcome young people and their families.

We’re also very excited to be putting the finishing touches to our first-ever DofE app, which will be available for download from the autumn. This will be a great way to keep young people connected to their DofE programme, letting them plan and manage it on eDofE on the go, on their phone.

We’ll be sharing lots more information about the app soon — so watch this space!

What happens if a participant is boarding at a UK school, but has an overseas home address? Which address should they enter into eDofE?

Participants with overseas home addresses should still enter their home address into eDofE. Their pack will automatically be delivered to their DofE centre in the UK, but will be addressed to the participant by name and will contained their personalised DofE Card.