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DofE Scotland Residential

Looking for a Residential this summer? We have you covered with some exciting opportunities at Lapwing Lodge, Paisley 29th Jul-02 Aug.

Book here now: The DofE Scotland Residential 


Open Expedition Programme

Expedition opportunity for Bronze and Silver.

DofE Scotland Open Expedition 5-9 August, Pentlands.

DofE Scotland is excited to announce that we will be running an open expedition opportunity in the Pentlands, 5-9 August. The open expedition will comprise of a Bronze and Silver expedition that includes a practice day. More details below.

Does this sound like something of interest to you? Then don’t wait, go ahead and book your place now.

Follow the link below for information and bookings:

Bronze Expedition 

Silver Expedition


BATs Rugby DofE Programme


BATs is a community rugby club working across the North of Edinburgh. It draws its name from its three partners: Broughton, Edinburgh Accies, and Trinity Accies rugby clubs. The geography of BATs covers a wide range of diverse social and economic challenges, and the club brings together young people from a number of schools to work together and play together.

This season has seen BATs launch a programme where all aspects of the Bronze DofE can be achieved through involvement with BATs and rugby. A squad of players have volunteered to help coach younger teams and players, they have also developed their physical skills through their own playing and development programmes. Many members have taken part in a junior referees’ development programme in conjunction with the Edinburgh Rugby Referees Society. They will complete their Expedition through an innovative pre-season training weekend which is run in partnership with Edinburgh City Council’s Outdoor Education team.

Callum Black is one of BATs Development Officers and the driving force behind the programme. He said: ‘we became very aware of time pressures on players, teachers, and parents and realised that we could work hand in hand with the DofE to support young people to achieve their Bronze Award. It’s not been easy – the volunteering has involved being out in the cold and wet of winter helping young players develop and the refereeing required learning, application and a fair degree of resilience on the pitch. We are really pleased with the way our first group has progressed and we’re looking forward to the next set of BATs players working on their Bronze programmes.’




Common programme issues

The DofE Scotland team has been reviewing eDofE over the last few weeks and has picked up some key programme issues.  We hope below text clarifies some issues on:

  • Getting the right Assessor.
  • Activity in the wrong section.
  • Clarifying Volunteering activities.

Assessor ‘To maintain the integrity and value of Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, they must be independent. Therefore they cannot be a family member of the participant.’  (DofE Handbook p20 para10)

Skill – ‘While all sports require skill to play, this does not mean they can be used for the Skills section.’ (DofE Handbook p58 para1)

Physical – For your physical activity you need to choose any sport, dance or fitness activity – in short, anything that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity (does it get the heart rate going?). However, learning to be a coach in the same sport would be a Skills section activity, whilst being a volunteer coach counts for the Volunteering section.

Volunteering ‘It’s about choosing to give time to do something useful, without getting paid for their time. (DofE Handbook p41 para5)

Pages 46 and 47 give examples of appropriate volunteering activities. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals.  Your volunteering must not be done for a business but can be undertaken for a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Volunteering for a family member would not usually be permitted unless taking on a caring role.



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