Expedition kit list and guide

Programme ideas – Expedition

AAP Information Pack

Blue expedition form

Bothy usage session plan

Expedition Training Framework -Bronze

Expedition training framework – Silver

Expedition training framework – Gold

Expedition safety card

Countryside Care posters

EAAS Logbook – Spare record sheets

Expedition First Aid Kit List

Expedition Route Card master form 

Expedition section process

Expedition session plan insert 

Expedition variations process map

Guidance on assessing multiple expedition teams

– How to use an AAP

Incident or accident report form

– Leader’s programme checklist

OS eDofE Mapping – user guide

Programme planner- Expedition

Role description – DofE Expedition Assessor

Role description – DofE Expedition Supervisor

Role Description (doc.) – DofE Expedition Supervisor

Expedition route card 

Expedition route card: water 

Stove safety instructions

Training framework – boatwork 

Training framework – core paddling skills

Training syllabus – horseback expeditions

Use of bothies information sheet

Water sports safety code

Expedition areas information

‘Green’ Expedition Notification Form (UK expeditions)

20 Amod yr Adran Allteithiau

20 Conditions of the Expedition section 2019

20 Conditions FAQs Managers

– LO summary of variations guidelines for all assessed DofE expeditions