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Advice and safety instructions on cooking and eating outdoors on expedition.

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What is the best cooking equipment for a DofE expedition?

How to choose your cooking stoves and utensils

You’ll need to cook a hot meal during your DofE expedition, and show you can use a cooking stove, or ‘campcraft’ effectively in the wild. Compact camping stoves and utensils are a great addition to your pack, as hot food is always welcome when camping outdoors!

Your stove will use gas, bio-gel or methylated spirits (meths) as fuel. Whichever you have, you must be trained before you use it on your own.

DofE recommended cooking stoves

 Trangia 25 series  Trangia 27 series  
Vango folding stove

Trangia 25 Series

Ultralight aluminium
Includes multiple pans
Either gas or meths burner
Caters for a larger group
Weighs from 865g

View Trangia 25

Trangia 27 Series

Ultralight aluminium
Includes multiple pans
Either gas or meths burner
Caters for 1-2 people
Weighs from 720g

View Trangia 27

Vango Folding Gas Stoves

Ideal for large pots
Folds to compact size
Stable as close to ground

View Folding gas stove


 Trangia gas burner and gas fuel

Trangia Gas Burner & Fuel

View gas burners | gas fuel

All Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recommended stoves are safe, compact, lightweight, easy to clean and cheap to run. If looked after well, they can last for many years.

DofE recommended cooking utensils

Using specially-designed camping utensils can really cut down on weight and space. It’s also more robust than regular cook ware, which is helpful on longer Gold Award expeditions.

Available from Lifeventure:

Tritan flask (1L)
Tritan bottle (650ml)
Ellipse knife, fork and spoon
Basic knife, fork and spoon
Titanium knife, fork and spoon
Stainless steel camping bowl
Stainless steel camping plate
Titanium camping plate
Ellipse camping plate
Ellipse camping bowl
Ellipse flexi bowl
Stainless steel camping mug
Titanium camping mug
Ellipse camping mug
Lifesystems Windproof matches


Ways to save money on your DofE expedition

The right camp cooking kit helps bring a team together, and can be used for many expeditions in the future. There are lots of ways to keep your costs down:

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For DofE Adults’ discounts, click here.

How to use your cooking kit safely

Get into good habits with your cooking stove and campcraft to maintain your gear and stay safe when you cook outdoors:

  • Halve your cooking time by placing a lid on your pan.
  • Always use a purpose built bottle to carry fuel.
  • Keep your burner in a strong plastic bag to prevent tarnishing.

For more guidance on stove safety, download the DofE stove safety instructions here.

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