Annual statistics

In an increasingly complex world with multiple pressures and hurdles, young people may already find it challenging transitioning to the wider world of work or further education; more so, for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a youth-achievement charity with an objective to reach a wider audience, our progress in this area is evidenced in our 2018-19 annual statistics.

Disadvantaged young people:

– 9% rise in disadvantaged young people starting their DofE – 68,774

– 13% increase of Awards achieved by disadvantaged participants – 32,844

Overall reach:

– 4.3% rise in young people beginning their programme – 287,937

– 7.2% increase in participants achieving an Award – 153,284

With heightened concerns about child poverty affecting the education and outcomes of young people, our Diamond fund launched during our 60th anniversary year in 2016 is already helping more participants to transform their lives. The £3 million fund, available thanks to supporter fundraising and investment from the #iwill fund, is being used to cover bursaries, expedition equipment and volunteer training and development for a wide range of projects targeting disadvantaged individuals and areas. By enabling more DofE participation, the Diamond fund empowers young people to take social action and make a positive difference in their communities.

Our growth is also thanks to the support of the Licensed Organisations and volunteers who deliver DofE, including local authorities, schools, charities, youth groups and businesses. Despite challenging times, our Licensed Organisations continue to see the value of running DofE programmes for the long-term benefits of young people and we now have around 3,500 organisations championing DofE programmes across the UK.

The flexibility of the DofE means the development opportunities offered continue to remain relevant and, with increasing acknowledgement of the value of soft skills by employers, the attributes enhanced through programmes, including confidence, leadership and resilience, continue to help participants realise their full potential.

By supporting 14 to 24-year-olds, encouraging integration with their communities and the environment, and promoting a positive attitude to physical exercise, we hope to prepare a resilient generation for a changing but prosperous future.

Statistics infographic
Active participants:
Awards started:
(up 4.3% from 17/18)
(9% up from 17/18)
Awards achieved:
(7.2% up from 17/18)
Licensed Organisations:
Around 40,000