story 15 February 2022

‘To me, LGBT history month is a time to tell your story’

LGBT+ History Month is an annual celebration during February of the lives, legacies, and histories of LGBT+ people from around the world, and an opportunity for all of us to learn about the rich history of LGBT+ communities 

Speaking out is what facilitates change, so we caught up with James, one of our LGBT+ Award holders about what LGBT+ History Month means to him. 

“To me, LGBT+ History Month is the time to tell your story. You never know how by finding the courage to use your voice, you can help someone else feel validated and seen – that’s why I will always tell my truth. No one should feel less than because of who you are or who you love. Learning that something wasn’t wrong with me, it was the world we live in that’s wrong was my biggest pill to swallow. I don’t want other young people I represent to ever have to go through that.”

“The one thing I love about the LGBT+ community is that even when you feel like you’re standing alone in the fight for equality, deep down you know you really aren’t because we are such a huge community – LGBT+ History Month is a time where we stand together in the fight for our rights.”

James, DofE Gold Award holder. 

The aim of LGBT+ History Month is to raise awareness and advance education on matters that affect the LGBT+ community, and to provide a safe space to talk about what has happened and what still needs to change. That’s why we’re proud to amplify the stories and voices of young people like James. 

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