Expedition resources

Click on the links below for a variety of resources to support the Expedition Training Frameworks, or visit our Resources Centre.

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General information and administration

Find the 20 Conditions and information on expedition variations.

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First Aid and emergency procedures

Resources to help inform and train participants about expedition First Aid.

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Navigation and route planning

Expedition route cards for all modes of travel, resources for additional needs and Ordnance Survey learning tools.

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Campcraft, equipment and hygiene

Information about the kit and equipment required for DofE expeditions.

Risk and Health and Safety icon
Risk, plus Health & Safety

Resources to help train participants in issues that may affect their safety on expedition.

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Food and cooking

Menu planners, advice about expedition food and the DofE’s stove safety guidance.

Countryside Code icon
Countryside, Highway and Watersports Codes

Resources to help train participants in understanding and applying the appropriate outdoor code for their expedition.

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Observation and recording

Expedition aim ideas and activity plan.

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Proficiency in mode of travel

Expedition Training Frameworks for all modes of travel.

Opportunity Finder

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