It’s time to listen to young people. Really listen. As decisions are being made about the Covid recovery that will define all of our futures, it’s time to consider what the next generation needs and wants most.

To start the conversation, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) collaborated with young people to develop policy ideas that could help them live without limits as we recover from the pandemic and asked 2,000+ young people to vote on these changes.

The results have become ‘Our Future, Unlimited: A Youth Manifesto for the Covid Recovery’.

It is vital that we pay careful attention to what young people have to say. Three quarters of the young people we spoke to feel unheard by politicians. But Covid-19 has left young people more concerned than ever about their futures – and more determined to have a voice and make change happen. Our young people want to help confront the biggest issues we face today – like climate change, inequality, mental health and poverty. They are full big ideas and ready to make those real.

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Since the pandemic began, the media has been full of crisis stories about our young people. How will they catch up on missed education? How will their mental health be affected? How will they find a place in a treacherous job market? One crucial element is usually missing from these discussions: the insights and ideas of young people themselves.

So we’re inviting people from all walks of life to #ListenWithoutLimits to young people to better understand what they need and want to recover, stronger, from the pandemic. This is the time to plan for an unlimited future, with young people leading the way.

Join the conversation.