Asda is proud to support the DofE to help ensure young people like you are ready for the world of work, with a number of Award holders working across the business in a range of jobs.

As one of Britain’s biggest and best-known retailers, Asda serves more than 20 million customers every week. We all visit supermarkets and think we understand them, but there is a lot more to a career in retail than meets the eye. Whether you are interested science, IT or the arts, there is a career for you.

Asda is driven from the boardroom to the shop floor to save its customers money and make their lives better by making things more affordable. Asda is also at the heart of where communities live and work as well as being part of its global family Walmart – the largest retailer in the world.

A career in retail is fast paced – so much so that it is sometimes even called FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) as a sector. This means it’s vigorous, challenging and great fun.

Asda is one of Britain’s most trusted retailer because it strives for four simple beliefs:

1. Service to our customers

2. Respect for the individual

3. Strive for excellence

4. Act with integrity

Asda lives and breathes these beliefs day in and day out, which means it’s a great place for you to bring all the skills you learn during your DofE in to the workplace. If you join Asda, you’re not just starting a job – you’re beginning an adventure.

“As a people-focused business, we are always on the lookout for new talent. Our approach is to recruit for attitude and train for skill – so achievements like a DofE Award really help potential applicants to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the positive leadership behaviours we need in our colleagues. So, we are proud to support the DofE and would encourage any young person considering starting their programme to definitely do so.”

– Hayley Tatum, Senior Vice President – People and Stores at Asda

“The DofE is really personal to me. I have a son called Dominic who did his Bronze DofE. I saw what it meant to him and how it changed him in small ways but it made a difference to his life. He learned to communicate with others and work with a team. The DofE gave him some independence – he had to cook for himself, set up tents, work with his community where he did a lot of tennis coaching. Those additional skills are really important and take you forward in to the work environment.”

– Mark Richmond, Head Innovation Development Chef at Asda

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