Certificates and badges

When you achieve your Bronze or Silver Award you will be given a DofE badge and certificate by your Licensed Organisation (LO)/centre.

When you achieve your Gold Award you will receive the badge or brooch from your LO or centre. You can choose between a badge or a brooch, which comes in a velvet pouch. Many uniformed organisations have their own cloth badges which you will also be presented with locally. You will then be invited to a Gold Award Presentation at one of the Royal palaces to receive your certificate. Please note this takes around 8-12 months at present.

If you have lost your badge or certificate

Bronze and Silver

We advise that you speak to your DofE Leader about issuing you a replacement, please note this is at the discretion of the LO.


We advise that it’s at the discretion of the DofE Regional/Country office where the individual undertook their DofE programme (i.e. where their LO was located) to issue replacement Gold badges or certificates. In order for us to consider this we ask that people supply as much evidence as possible. Items might include:

– A photograph or scan of their completed record book or DofE certificate.

– A press cutting about their completion.

– A statement from the Licensed Organisation in question stating that they have a record of the participant’s completion.

Ultimately, though, it’s down to the Regional/Country Director to make a judgement on how compelling they find the case. There may be a small charge for administration.

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