Achieving your Award

Once you’ve completed your activities, you need to make sure:

– You’ve done all your sections for the minimum time required, for an average of an hour a week (or the required timescale for your expedition)

– You’ve uploaded all your evidence to eDofE

– Your Assessors have provided an Assessor’s Report for each of your activities, detailing how you met your goals and how you have progressed, and you have added them into eDofE

Whether you’ve submitted each section for approval as you’ve gone along, or are submitting them all at the end, your Leader will check and approve them in eDofE. Once they’ve approved your final section they will then send it to your Licensed Organisation (LO) who will check everything is in order. All being well you will be told that you’ve achieved your Award – congratulations.

If for whatever reason you cannot complete all the sections of your DofE programme you can still be recognised for the section(s) you have completed. Your DofE Leader may arrange to use sectional certificates.

Bronze and Silver

For your Bronze and Silver Award you’ll receive your certificate and badge locally – ask your Leader where this will be. It could be at school, in your group or at a larger local presentation.


On completion of your Gold programme, you must complete the Gold Award Form on eDofE. Forms submitted through eDofE will be sent for approval automatically.

Printed forms should be sent to your Leader who will sign it and send it to your Licensed Organisation and DofE Country office to authorise.

Once approved your Licensed Organisation will give you a choice of a Gold badge or brooch, and Head Office will get in touch to invite you to a Gold Award Presentation to receive your certificate in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at a Royal palace.

Who approves my Award

Your DofE Leader will approve your DofE work or if you do not have access to eDofE they can check your Welcome Pack. Then your Licensed Organisation will check it:

– If it is approved – a DofE Badge and Certificate will be produced by your LO and given to you.

– If it is not approved – your DofE Leader/LO will contact you if there is a problem with a section(s). You will be asked to explain or correct a problem.

Please note: There are many reasons for why your Award may not be approved, for example: if you’ve done the wrong activity for a section (e.g. trying to use football as a skill, it comes under physical), if you did not spend enough time on a section, if you haven’t got a enough evidence, if the wrong dates are entered, if the expedition details are incorrect etc. Make sure your DofE Leader approves your choices before you start.

Achievers clothing

Once you’ve achieved your Award, you are eligible to order clothing from the DofE Achievers Range. The range exclusively features the Award level Royal Cypher in Gold, Silver and Bronze thread and can only be purchased with proof of achievement.

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