Ideas for activities

For each of your DofE sections, you need to choose an activity. Remember – you own your DofE programme and have the freedom to choose activities that are specific and relevant to you.

Not sure where to start? Read our seven handy tips below.

Want some inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of activities ideas for each section to inspire you. Or use it as a starting point to create your own bespoke DofE programme.

Don’t worry if you can’t find exactly what you want to do, speak to your Leader – most activities can count towards your DofE. All we ask is that any new activity is checked with your Licensed Organisation/DofE Leader to make sure it’s counted for the right section and that you’ve set yourself enough of a challenge.

Climate themed programme Ideas for all sections
Tips for choosing activities

You decide: It is up to you to find an activity that you wish to do in your own personal time; maybe something you’re already doing or something you are interested in. Most of all pick something you’ll enjoy – it’ll make it easier to stick at it!

Preparation: You need to research what you want to do and agree it with your Leader. You must find a suitable Assessor and set yourself goals so that you can show how you progressed at the end.

How much is the activity: It depends on what you are planning to do, some will be expensive, some will be cheap and some will be completely free – it is your choice on how much you want to spend on each activity.

Where can I do an activity: Find out whether this activity can be done at your school or in your local area. If it can’t, then it might involve you looking further away or searching for another activity. Part of the challenge of doing your DofE is finding a local opportunity.

Insurance and safety for an activity: You may need to ask the provider of that activity what training and insurance cover is required or is in place.

Check the activity: Remember to check if what you are planning to do is permitted for the section with your Leader. The DofE is very firm on what activities fall into which sections and they cannot be used for more than one section. Before starting any activity, we recommend you make a few basic checks to see how the organisation keeps young people safe. See our safeguarding advice.

Repeating activities for the next level: If you did a previous level (Bronze/Silver), you can choose a new activity for your next level (Silver/Gold) or choose to keep getting better at the ones you’ve just been doing – whatever interests you most.

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