How you can help

Just as you support and guide your child in other areas of their life, they’ll appreciate the same for their DofE. This could include encouraging them to keep their eDofE pages up to date, giving them lifts to activities and providing financial support for kit and equipment. DofE programmes can be challenging so you can really help to keep them motivated.

Tips to help your child with DofE

It’s personal: Help ensure that the activity choices they find are exciting, but realistic for your budget, transport and local facilities.

Get the evidence

Remind them to keep gathering their evidence, e.g. photographs/certificates, and uploading it to eDofE.

Help find an Assessor

Every young person needs to find an Assessor to sign off each DofE section. The Assessor can be anyone who knows about or organises the activity. It might be the gym or sports instructor, art teacher, club or volunteering event organiser and so on. It cannot be a family member.

Financial support

Your child will receive a personalised DofE Card when they start their Award. This gives at least 10% off at our recommended retailers, helping you save on expedition kit and other items needed for their DofE.

Prove it

As their programme comes to an end you can remind them to make sure their Assessors write their reports so that they can complete the section.

Use it

Ensure they include their DofE involvement and achievements in their CV or personal statement.

Volunteer yourself

You might even want to get involved yourself by volunteering with your local DofE group or raising money for the DofE. You don’t need special qualifications to be a DofE helper – from giving guidance and advice or training and assessing young people’s progress, to driving a minibus, expedition support or helping with administration, there’s a role for everyone.

If you volunteer, we’ll make sure you undergo the right safeguarding checks and are supported with high quality training. In addition each organisation will undertake appropriate safeguarding checks of all adults working with young people.

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