London 11 February 2015

546 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Wednesday 11th February at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – James Callis, Actor

James told the Gold Award holders “It’s a real honour and privilege to come and present these Awards to you. You’ve shown courage, stamina and consistency to achieve your Gold Awards. The sky’s the limit and I wish you the best of success with all your endeavours after today. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National and DofE Business

Presenter –Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist, 1984 4 x 100 relay race

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England

Presenter – John Loughton, Founding Director, Dare2Lead

John told the Gold Award holders “Congratulations on achieving your Gold Awards. The DofE enables young people from all walk of life to experience new things. Go forward and use the skills you have developed in your future plans, whether it be a career, travelling or volunteering. Be confident and your will achieve.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East

Presenter – Katy McLean MBE, Captain of the England Women’s Rugby Team

Katy told the Gold Award holders “A massive congratulations to you all, it’s inspiring to me to hear what you have done and it’s a pleasure to be here. A lot of the things you will do in life will involve leadership – people will look up to you and it’s a lot of pressure but just be comfortable with who you are and make sure you use the support that others offer you, you can’t be a good leader on your own. It’s not about the highs and the lows it’s about what you do in between. Your Gold Award is a testament to all you have achieved and the challenges you have overcome. Enjoy the ride – not just the result and congratulations again!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales

Presenter – Niall McCann, Biologist and Adventurer

Niall told the Gold Award holders “Today is an opportunity to reflect on the magnitude of your achievement. What you have achieved and experience through DofE should act as a springboard for your future. The next thing you need to ask yourselves is ‘’what next?’ I strongly urge you to follow your dreams.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National and DofE Business

Presenter – Charley Boorman, TV presenter and travel writer

Charley told the Gold Award holders “Congratulations on such an incredible achievement. You will always remember these experiences – the bits that went wrong and how you got out of them. It’s amazing what you have done. When we employ people we look on their CVs and having your DofE is a big thing – it means a lot. It will always help you in your future.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West

Presenter – James Cracknell, Olympic Athlete

James told the Gold Award holders “Well done to everyone here today. This is the end of a long road for you all and it’s at a time in your life with so many other distractions. All that you’ve achieved; learning new skills, improving physically, doing your expedition, volunteering in your community and going on your Residential is fantastic and doing just one of those is an achievement in itself. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England

Presenter – Brian Jones, Aeronaut and balloonist

Brian told the Gold Award holders “Each stage of your award takes commitment, determination and strength of character- for that I congratulate you! Your DofE Award is an extraordinary thing for you to have achieved, and it will serve you well in your future career.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Roll of Honour: 11 Feb 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 11 February 2015 at St. James’s Palace:



Benjamin Abbott
Katherine Abbott
Natalie Adamson
Nitu Ahluwalia
Nathan Joshua Albon
Jack Alcock
Charlotte Aldred
Sharief Ahmed Ali-Khan
Lucy Allen
Marc Allen
Emma Allen
Jacob Allen
Heather Allison
Rebecca Anderson
Ben Anderson
Madeleine Anderson-Wood
Edward Andrews
Liam Armfield
Matthew Arnold
Sarah Ashcroft
Samuel Attewell
Jennifer Austin
Matilda Axbey
Sophie Ayles
Tristan Bacon
Isobelle Badcock
Michael Bailey
Charlotte Baker
James Ball
Andrew Duncan Ballantyne
Anna Ballantyne
Sundeep Ballay
Samuel Bannister
Louis Barker
Samantha Barker
Brinna Ellen Louisa Barlow
Jennifer Louise Barnes
Declan Beal
William Beck
Laura Beedham
Rebecca Louise Bennett
Stewart Bennett
Eleanor Rose Bennett
Kiran Bhardwaj
Catherine Bird
Lawrence Bird
Jacob Birkenhead
Alexander Bishop
Matthew Bithell
Cameron John Black
Hannah Blacknell
Olivia Blanco
Maria Blyth
Annabelle Body
Amy Marsden
Elizabeth May Bolitho
Valerie Bond
Fredericke Johanne Bone
Jack Booker
Rachel Booth
Jonathan Booth
Simon Bottomley
Grace Boulton
Imogen Bowen
Stuart Bowler
Elisabeth Bowman
Kayleigh Boyle
Hannah Katharine Boyle
Polly Boyles
Jack Boyles
Jennifer Brandon
Charles Braunstein
Hallam Breen
Sean Brewer
Alistair Britten
Hannah Brooks
Olivia Brown
Carly Brown
Hayley Bruce
Ieuan Bufton
Ellie Bull
Josh Burbidge
Zack Burgess-Evans
Jennifer Burndred
James Burnett
Toby Butters
Zoe Carter
Leonie Case
Elizabeth Cassidy
Noemie Cetnarowicz
Kelsey Chalmers
Rosemary Chamberlain
Michael Cheesman
Ellen Cheetham
Charlotte Chow Leong Ying
Andrew Clark
George Clark
Holly Ann Clark
Emma Louise Clarke
Bethany Clarke
Alicia Clarke
Angharad Clemens
Sarah Coe
Lydia Collins
Thomas Commons
Adam Cook
Emily Cording
Caitlin Costello
Naomi Cousins
Oonagh Cousins
Nathalie Cousins
Adam Craven
Lauren Creswell
Jamie Cundall
Rhodri Curtis
Caroline Daboo
David Daborn
George Dale
Neema Daniel
Olivia Darby
Danielle Darragh
Kapish Jitendra Dave
Katherine Wai Yin Ng Davis
Emily Davis
Ashleigh Davis
Tom Davison
Hobz De Caux
Michael De Lazzari
Elisa De Luca
Lauren Dee
Melissa Dempsey
Rachel Denno
Charlotte Denton
Hannah Dessoy
Katherine Devenish
Alastair Doe
Jessica Doherty
Tasmin Domoney
Joanne Duley
Amy Dunning
Thomas Dwyer
Emma Dymott
Matthew Eagling
Rachel Edwards
Mabel Ellerker
Isabelle Anita Marie Ellis
Alexander Elsy
Nicholas England
Jessica Entwistle
Matthew Eskell
Katherine Evans
George Evans
Jack Farmer
Rosie Farr
Isabelle Farrow
Charlotte Fay
Herbie Finn
Rachael Flaherty
Fionna Ford
Rebecca Ford
Annabelle Ford
Russell Ford
James Michael Alexander Forsythe
Sarah Fortais
Alexandra France
Grace Francis
Lucinda French
Hannah Elizabeth Fretwell
Heddwen Frost
Joseph Fry
Erin Fuller
Sarah Fuller
Sarah Furzer
Joseph Gage
Lauren Rosie Gallagher
Rachel Garty
Ben Gibbons
Charles Gilbert
Jacqueline Glencross
Isolde Iona Hephzibah Godfrey
Richard Goodenough
Sam Gordon
Charlotte Gorvin
Benjamin Gosling Gleissberg
James Gostage
Amy Gravells
Jessica Green
James Alexander Green
Katherine Green
Kelly Greenbank
Johannah Hackworth
Charlotte Hakes
Esther Louise Hammersley
Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill
Zayn Hanif
Jessica Harkin
Stephanie Harper
Rupert Harris
Elisabeth Harris
Joe Harrison
Emma Anwen Isolde Harrison
Phillip Hart
Kathryn Hart
Elizabeth Sarah Harvey
Lara Hasioszyn
Gemma Hawkes
Christopher James Heeley
Natalie Hendry
Henry Henshall
James Thomas Henson
Mona Hickey
Tessa Hillier
Oliver Hillier
Kimberly Hobbs
Olivia Hobden
Steph Hole
Bethany Holland
Carys Homer
William Andrew Homer
Llinos Honeybun
Verity Hopkins
Christopher Horn
Ruth Horne
Clemency Daisy Horsell
Georgie Hough
Alexandra Anora Howarth
Daniel Hubbard
Sophie Hughes
Ashley Hulme
Nicholas Hulse
Emily Humfress
Olivia Hunt
Lowri Hunt
Molly Irons
Katy Louise Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Hannah Lauren Jackson
Camila Rose Jaramillo
James John
Caroline Johnson
Benjamin Jones
Emily Charlotte Jones
Savraj Kalsi
Laurie Kavanagh
Alexander Keeling
Thomas Kendall
Jade Elizabeth Kennerley
Megan Kenny
Azrah Khan
Azizah Khan
Aaron King
Daniel King
Natasha Kwek
Jack Lacey
Louise Lacourarie
Charlotte Ladd
William Ladd
Adam Lagerberg
Maria Lamont
Jennifer Lane
Isobel Lane
Lee Langridge
Amber Law
Stephen Le Fanu
Rosie Lear
Eleanor Leek
Philippa Leicester
Joshua Leonard
Matthew Lewin
Bronwen Naomi Lewis
Melissa Forster
Christian Lewis-Rickard
Mickey Haolin Li
Philippa Liggins
Miriam Soo Young Lim
Steven Lindsay
Hannah Linton
Alisha Lister
Jessica Litherland
Lewis Littlehales
Jessica Lockwood
Samuel Longbottom-Smith
Benjamin Longbottom-Smith
Emma Longhurst-Gent
Mia Longley
Rebecca Longley
Alexander Low
Harriet Lucas-Clements
Anna Lucas-Clements
Geraint Lynch
Matthew Lynes
Kayleigh Lyons
William MacEacharn
Hugh MacGarvie VI
Henry MacGinnis
Lucie MacGregor
Heather Macmillan
Alexandra Maliphant
Antonia Marino
Jonathon Markanday
Bethany Edith Marshall
Ciara Martin
Fred Martin
Caroline Matthews
Elizabeth May
Max Maybury
Natasha Maynard
Jennifer McConnell
Kerry McCormack
Emily McDermott
Deborah McGrath
Fintan McNamara
David McNeill
Megan McNeill
Sophie McTaggart
Andrew McTeir
James Medcalf
Christopher Milbourne
William Milburn
Harriet Millar
Emily Miller
Hannah Mills
Alexandra Milner
Natalie Milner
Torral Ayla Mistry
Kathryn Mitchell
Lucy Mitchinson
Serena Mohammed
Tetsuya Monno
Rebecca Verity Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan
Lowri Wyn Morgan
James Morgan
Lucy Morrison
Jodie Morton
Olivia Charlotte Muir
Katy Munro
Charlotte Murfin
Sarah Murnaghan
Casey Murphy
Emily Murphy
Omar Naseem
Matthew Nash
Amy Nash
John Neal
Claire Nias
Amandeep Nizzar
Jacob Noble
Lauren North
Jack Benjamin Carter Nye
Niamh O’Connor
Rebecca O’Connor
Amy Oliver
Robert Oliver
Rachel Leanne Oliver
Natalie Ollington
Katheryn Ovenden
Jamie Owden
Charlotte Owens
Charlotte Oxborough
Zoe Palmer
Emma Palmer
Jessica Parkinson
Clare Parrish
Thakor Patel
Alice Paterson
Olivia Pattison
Jonathan Pawson
Morgan Payne
Kieran Peacock
Abi Pearce
Emma Kay Pearson
Sarah Pearson
Natalie Pepperell
Robert Peters
Beth Helen Phalp
Laura-Anne Phillips
Charlotte Phipps
Nina Pickering
Rosanna Pincott
Daniella Pledger
Matt Polden
Robert Poole
Elefterios Poulakis
Miles Prescott
Kelly Price
Ross Andrew Pringle
William Prior
Hannah Probert
Jay – Jay Prosser
Lucy Mae Pullinger
Andrew Purdy
Daniel Pyke
Jordan Radcliffe
Nicola Raeside
Oliver Dutton Rankin
Georgia Kate Redfern
Geraint Reeves
Thomas Richards-Vassell
Faith Rickard
Susannah Kate Rider
Matthew Ridley
Siobhan Ridout
Theo Rihll
Charlie Ripman
Harriet Victoria Ritchie
Matthew Roach
Joseph Roberts
Francesca Robertson
Misola Robinson
Millie Robinson
Javene Antonia Robinson
Matthew Charles Rodin
Thomas Rogers
Alex Rollason
Zena Rose
Nicola Rowlett
Ali Rushton
Alex Ryall
Hannah Elizabeth Cadic Sack
Daniel Samson
Charlotte Sandberg
Elinor Sansom
Billy Sargent
Tom Saunders
Hannah Saunders
Steve Sayer
Oliver Schild
Benjamin Schneider
Myles Scott
Charlotte Scott
Carey Sevier
Tobias Seymour
Nicholas Shardlow
Hannah Catherine Shaw
Matthew Shaw
Anthony Sheard
Ben Sheldrake
Oluwadamisola Shoroye
Tegen Short
Rebecca Simmons
Charlotte Simms
Andrew Simpson
Michael Simpson
Rebecca Caroline Sinclair
Rebecca Slater
Christian Sloan
Abigail Smith
Alexandra Smith
Catherine Smith
Charlotte Smith
Jade Smith
Zoe Smith
Katherine Smith
James Smith
Louisa Sparks
Kyle Spencer-Quinn
Jessica Emily Stacey
Bryony Stanbridge
Matthew Stanley
Charlie Stokes
Ffion Stone
Lucy Stones
Thomas Stoodley
Emma Straw
Hollie Strawson
James Alexander David Street
Michael Sudlow
Olivia Suggett
Hannah Sulley
Pratiti Surana
Joelle Sweatman
Andrew Sweetenham
Michael Sweetenham
Katy Louise Sweetman
Rupert Sykes
Katherine Tagg
Francesca Tamblyn
Rachel Teale
Adam Thomas
Llywelyn Thomas
Alice Thomas
Greg Thompson
Victoria Thompson
Beth Thompson
Jamie Thompson
Ross Thompson
Sally Thompson
Bethany Thompson
Isabel Emily Thomson
Ian Tiley
Ella Tober
Dannielle Tolhurst
Charlotte-Rose Tollington
Olivia Tomlin-Netherwood
Harry Torn
Alannah Frances Travers
Lucy Treadwell
Laura Trigg
David Tunstall
Angus Urquhart
Jamie Jonathan Metehan Vear-Altog
Annabelle von Moltke
Michael Waghorne
Carys Wainwright
Jennifer Grace Wallbank
Amy Walters
Heather Ward
Georgia Wathan
Laura Jayne Watson
Charlotte Webb
Joseph Webb
Thomas Webster
Liam Welch
Chelsea West
Rebecca Whalley
Chloe White
Imogen Whyte
Frederik Dalgaard Wikke
Simon Wilding
Samuel Willetts
Zara Williams
Samuel Williams
Alice Williamson
Kathryn Willis
Annabelle Wilman
Christopher Wilmoth
Florence Wilson
Jennifer Clare Wilson
Luke Wilson
Katherine Emily Wilson
Stephen Winckles
James Wither
Alice Witt
Scarlett Wong
Lisa Wood
Amelia Wood
Lucy Wood
Heather Wood
Peter Woodward
Jamie David Wordsworth
Michael Wride
Stuart Wrigglesworth
Ming-Chia Yang
Asad Yaqoob
Henry Young









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