London 14 December 2016

557 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Wednesday 14th December at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Mr Richard Arnold, Entertainment Editor, Good Morning Britain

“You guys here today have already achieved so much; imagine all that you can achieve moving forward. You are an absolute inspiration and you are about to go on the most spectacular orbit. Take every opportunity, have no fear, push those boundaries and about all, through ups and downs, don’t lose sight of who you are, right here, right now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned; be yourself, 150 percent. You are unique and that’s the greatest advantage you can have.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – London
Presenter – Phoebe Smith, Editor, Wanderlust Publications
“The time, determination and persistence you have had to put in to achieve your Gold DofE award proves to yourself and everybody you meet that you can do anything you put your mind to. Today may mark the end of your award, but really it’s just the beginning, a whole world of opportunities and the next adventure awaits. I’m so excited for you all.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Bonita Norris, Mountaineer
“A huge congratulations to you all. I didn’t get the chance to do my own DofE and I didn’t really understand the significance until presenting these awards. Through your Gold DofE you will have had moments where you it’s all gone completely wrong but you’ve gritted your teeth and done it and got here today. Those experiences make you realise you are capable of far more than you imagined.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Mr Darren Grigas, Adventurer
“If you want to achieve something extra, give that little bit extra. Get up earlier or go to bed later. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve come so far and should be proud of yourself for what you’ve done”.
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – North of England
Presenter – Nicola White, Great Britain Field Hockey Player
“To get to the top you have to overcome a lot of hurdles, you’ll know that having done your DofE. I had to believe in myself to make it happen and not give up when I faced failure. Achieving Gold at the Olympics was a dream of mine since I was seven and in 2016 that dream came true in Rio. If you have a passion for something, go for it, you are your own person, don’t copy anyone else. Believe that you can do anything and you will.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter – Mr Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and Central England Regional Director

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward onto bigger and better things in the future.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Richard Harpham, Professional Adventurer
“The future is not defined by your past. You can truly be whatever you choose to be and go on to achieve great things!”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Helen Scott and Sophie Thornhill, Cyclists
“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a really special thing. The life skills it has given these young people truly marks them out; they are fantastic examples to others who feel they will never achieve anything. It’s something that we both wish we’d have completed whilst at school; we’re sure the confidence that it would have given us would have helped us immensely when beginning our career as cyclists.”
Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Hall of Fame: 14 December 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 14 December 2016 at St. James’s Palace:



Christopher Acheson
Mark Acheson
Rebecca Ackroyd
Francis Adair
Edward Peter Adams
Rebecca Adams
Tejumola Adejumo
Oluwalogbon Akinnola
Thomas Alderson
Daniel Alexander
Iain Alexander
Bennett Allen
Mollie Allen
Thomas Allen
Jigisha Amin
Eeruj Amir
Charlotte Andrews
Lucy Anson
Sophie Ashley
Farhad Rio Ashrafi
Grace Hartley Atha
Elisabeth Backstrom
Meg Bailey
Bethany Baker
Melanie Baker
Megan Baldwin Brown
Augustina Velta Baltrusaityte
Rajan Bangar
Lucy Barnes
Michael James Barr
Emma Bates
Kit Battarbee
James Baxter
Hannah Beach
William Beament
Matilda Beard
Ruby Staniforth Beard
Laura-Jayne Beattie
Lois Fiona Kathryn Beaumont
Philip Beckett
Thomas Bell
William Bell
Alice Benham
Guy Beresford
Claudia Bettson-Burdett
Maximilian Bettson-Burdett
Jamie Bignell
Luke William Bindon
Isabelle Binnie-Dawson
Andrew John Bithell
Megan Elizabeth Bithell
Katy Blackwell
Sophie Bleasdale
George Blenkinship
George Blythe
Sam Boam
Kate Bolshaw
Isabelle Bond
Maddie Booth
Georgina L Bootland
Phoebe Lauren Bosco
Olivia Boselli Alcock
Lois Boswell
Sophy Botsford
Patrick Edward Arden Bott
Gemma-Louise Botterill
Karla Boxall
Harriet Boyd
Oisin Boyle
Georgina  Brackenbury
Lucy Bethan Bradley
Eleanor Brandwood
Hayley Samantha Bray
Megan Breakwell
Daniel Owain Breeze
Peter Bridgland
Leigh Broderick
Katie Brooks
Francesca Brotherton-Cottrell
Adam John Brown
Alexander Brown
Hazel Bruce
Hannah Buckland
Olivia Budd
Eva Francesca Cahill
Edward Michael Holmes Carroll
Iain Michael Carson
Elizabeth Casserly
Aine Cassidy
Lucy Cattell
Melanie Cattell
Stephen Cattermole
Emma Cawley
Anuj Chadha
Chandon Chahal
Virron Chahal
Alexander Chan
Alice Chan
Lydia Chan
Olivia Charley
Thomas Charnock
Ke Yu Chen
Alan Cherian
Eleanor Chesshire
Jonathan Choi
John Alexander Christie
Taylor Frances Clancy
Harry Clapp
Bethany Clarke
Freya Clarke
Tess Clegg
Daniel Paul Clements
Arran Cleminson
Jack Close
Benedict Clough
Christopher Simon Coggins
Laura Colclough
Henry Cole
Benedict Collier
Katherine Ann Collier
Katie Beth Collins
Miranda Collins
Charlotte Cook
David Cooper
William Cope
Rachel Corking
Hannah Cotton
James Cotton
Emily Coulson
Faye Cox
James Crocker
Lani Crocker
Aimee Croskell
Rebecca Crowther
Mattias Cruz-Cano
Ellie Dalby
Laura Darcey
Molly Davidson
Anabelle Davis
Nye Davis
Andrew Davison
Tom Dawson
James R A Day
Zoe Deckker
Lauren Deighton
Danielle Derbyshire
Sam Derbyshire
Pascale Desmet
Kieran Devlin
Matthew John Dexter
Pavundeep Dhillon
Charlotte Dickinson
Lauren Ditchburn
Emily Dobell
Jozef Dobrowolski
Teresa Doig
Josephine Druce
Christopher Dugmore
Harriet Tula Dukes
Katherine Dunning
Sophie Duxon
Emily Jane Dyer
Marcus Eccles
Jake Edmiston
Elizabeth Edwards
Dorothy Elliott
Jessica Ellis
Sharon El-Nawar
Romy Evans
Edward Philip James Everett
Holly Freya Eyre
Eliot Farmer
Matthew Feast
Rebecca Fenton
George Fereday
Matthew Fidler
Emily Fielder
Katie Filkins
Alexander Forsey
Francis Forsey
Peter Forster
Andrew Colwyn Foulkes
Pip France
Benjamin Frost
Holly Furlong
Sophie Gamble
Amy Louise Gander
Caroline Gardiner
Hannah Garmston
Freddie Garnham
Michaela Gaston
Andrew J Gerrard
Felicity Giles
Moneet Kaur Gill
Ross William Gillibrand
Holly Godden
Vicky Goodwin
Luke Gordon
Samuel Gosling-Gleissberg
Alice Graham
Luke David Green
Rachel Green
Charlie Gregory
Bethany Beatrice Guck
Thomas Gunninghamm
Akanksha Gupta
Natalie Haarer
Eleanor Haines
Olivia Hake
Isabel Halewood
Anne Hall
Robert Hams
Kade Harbert
Jessica Harden
Illysia Harding
Charlie Hardwick
Branavan Hariharan
Imogen Katharine Harper
Molly Harrabin
Anna Harris
Nicola Harrison
Philip Daniel Harrison
Emma Hartell
James Harvey
Emma Haslam
Brianna Haunch-Smith
Joseph Henderson
Matthew Hennessey
Emily Herring
Joshua Hewitt
Finley Hewson
Charles Hibberd
Georgia Higgs
Emily Hill
Carolyn Hindle
Henna Hirani
Richard Hobbs
Katie Rebecca Hodge
Andrew John Holder
George Edwin Holmes
Jonathan Holt
Guy Hooper
Charlotte Hopkins
Rachel Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Houghton
Anna Houlding
Faye Hudson
Megan Hughes
Robert Laheru Hughes
Joshua Hulligan
Benjamin T Humphrey
Chantal Humphreys
Callum Hunt
Oliver Hunter
Abbie Hurt
Samantha Anne Husselbury
Max Hutchinson
Niamh Hyland
Chimdi Igwe
Rubi Serafina Ingaglia
Peter Isaac
Natasa Ivkovic-Moutrey
Daniel Jackson
Harshita Jain
Sandali Mandula Jayasena
Harriet Jeanes
Alistair David Jellinek
Leanne Chelsea Jenkins
Matthew Johnson
Hugh Johnston
Andrew Jones
Billy Jones
Chandler Jones
Ffion Jones
Megan Jones
Rosie Jones
Kriti Joshi
Holly Elizabeth Joyce
Yesl Kang
Anastasia Karageorghis
Abirami Kathiravelupillai
Sam Kavanagh
Victoria Kearsey
Joshua Kellaway
Lily Kelly
Sam Kendrick
Francesca Kennedy Wallbank
Hannah Kiddie
Becca Killen
Charlotte Rose Kinahan
Emma Kindon
Aislinn King
Annabel King
Xena Jada Kirby
Jonathan Kirk
Katherine Knight
Ophelia Knight
Yiannos Kozakis
Andrew Kwok
Daniel Labahn- Ayres
Saul Landrock
Jake Lane
Katherine  Laney
Max Hugo Langer
Alexander Langton
Natalie Lawrence
Isaac Lea
Jennifer Lee
Holly Lerchundi Willis
Gemma Leslie
Frederick Levitt
Rosie Jennifer Lewes
Beth Lewis
Thomas Lewis
Flora Li
Sam Lockwood
Genevieve Loewenthal
Natasha Lomas
Patricia Anne Longthorpe
Vanessa Lucas
Hugo Lyon
Charlie Mabbutt
Lara Beth MacFadyen
Kia Jade Mackenzie
Jack Madden
Claire Louise Maddison
Matthew Maginnis
Hugo Mallitte
Sebastian Manger
Gobihan Manogarasingam
Amy Marsh
Sian Marshall
Grace Martin
George Martyn
Patrick Mason
Jack Massey
Georgina Maycock
Jennifer McKendrick
Katelyn McKie
Shalini Medepalli
Liana Mellichap
Jade Mellor
Richard Metcalfe
Craig Millar
Ashlin Nicole Milton
Owen Matthew Mitchell
Henry Moir
Leonardo Monti
Madeleine Moore
Rhian Morgan
Annabel Elspeth Morton
Clara Mueller
Zoe Hygate
Victoria Elizabeth Murphy
Piers-Rex Murray
Raoul Nash
Jessica Navarro
Julia Needham
Bertram Nehls
Chloe Newall
Thomas Newton
Tobi Ng
Cassandra Ngu
James Nicholls
Mirin Niekirk
David Oakley
Georgia O’Brien
Hannah O’Brien
Gemma O’Connell
Georgina O’Connell
Richard O’Connor
Conor O’Dwyer
Emily Oliver
Emily-Jane O’Malley
Rachel Overton
Jason Kumar Parkash
Tom Parker
Joel Parkins
Miranda Parkinson
Rachel Parks
Edward Pashley
Anoushka Patel
Elisabeth Patuck
Jack Pearce
Matthew Pearce
Georgia Pearson
Lucy Grace Pearson
Millie Pearson
Holly Pelly
Alice Pemberton
Sarah Penketh
James Pheysey
Chris Phillips
Joshua Pilkington
Eleanor Pino
Elizabeth Jane Platts
Jonathan Porter
Zachary Thomas Price
Adam Prime
Charlotte Pritchard
Olivia Prophet
Hannah Race
Helen Ramsbottom
Anya Rands Trevor
Manahara Ratnayake
Chloe Redshaw
Sian Rees
Thomas Rees
Jack Rhodes
Caitlin Rich
Eleanor Riches
James Rippon
Jackson Risby
Katherine May Roberts
Catherine Anna Robertson
David Robertson
Jenny Kathryn Morgan
Emma Louise Roderick
Thomas Peter Roe
Tanisha Rowswell
Megan Sara Rundell-Evans
Felix Rusby
Megan Rushton
Akashdeep Saini
Hannah Saks
Shun Sato
Rachel Scanlan
Sam Seager
Rebecca Seaton
Natalie Louise Seeger
Rebecca Seib
Ananya Sengupta
Jessica Serrurier
Shamas Shahzad
Tameem Sharafnabi
Priyanka Sharma
Jonathan Shaw
Zarantonia Sheikh
Hayley Sheldon
Mei Shiang Shen
Miles Shepherd
Tamsin Simpson
Shivani Singhania
Miss Elizabeth Singleton
Anushka Sisodia
Grace Smalley
Rosanna Smillie
Alastair Smith
Alice E Smith
Ewan Smith
Olivia Smith
Thomas Smith
Toby Alexander Smith
Tom Smith
William Smith
Poppy Snowling
Elena Crystal Somovilla
Claire Speight
Emily Spencer
Jamie Spiller
James Spittle
Kieran Spurway
Chloe Stafford
Simon Steele
Georgina Stein-Hemmings
Anna Steinitz
Emma Stent
Danielle Stoba
Francis Stojsavljevic
Guy Stow
Harry Style
Erin Mae Sullivan
Srinand Sundaram
Alexandra Sutton
Caitlin Sweet
Calum Syrett
Shivani Tailor
Nicholas Tall
Lydia Tanner
Adam Tattershall
James Taylor
Joseph Thomas Charles Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Alice Taylor-Peat
Lauren Teale
Ying Cen Tee
Nicola Temple
Ankush Thobhani
Mr Elliot Thomas
Oliver Thomas
Emily Thornhill
Will Thornhill
Zoe Thornhill
Luke Thurston
Oliver Tidey
Beth Tighe
Jonathan Tilford
Gregory Tilsar
Lewis John Timimi
Rachel Todd
Henry Tomkinson
Natalie Tomlin
Matthew James Trafford
Max Jay Trafford
Olivia Nicole Traves
Jack Trethewey
Alex Trigg
Ryan Antony Trump
Ben Trundley
Daniel Turner
Louis Turner
Hamish Urquhart
Dylan Vadher
Lauren van den Barselaar
Isabelle Veasey
Grace Vivian
Elizabeth Vogel
Alexander Wadd
Emily Wagstaff
Amina Waheed
Georgina Wallis
Gemma Eve Walton
Benjamin Wardley
Ashley Warnes
Michaela Warnes
Hannah Waters
Benjamin Watts
Alexander Webb
Edan Weeks
Christy Wells
Adam David West
Stephen West
Annie White
Jacob Whitefield
Hannah Wileman
Dominic Williams
Elizabeth Amy Williams
Marie-Gabrielle Williams
Matthew Williams
Barnaby Wilson
David Wilson
James Wilson
Katherine Wilson
James Winson
Rebecca Winstanley
Bethan Withers
Harry Witt
Charlotte Bethany Wolden
Harriet Elizabeth Wood
Thomas Woodhouse
Jack Worth
Ka Ming Gene Wu
Runhua Xu
Emily Young
Tabitha Young
Jiabei(Helena) Yu







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