London 19 March 2014

708 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 19 March at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- Air Training Corps
Presenter- Ellie Harrison, TV Presenter

“I went to a very gritty comprehensive school and learnt that if you want something you have to work for it. Doing your DofE is a time when hard work, challenge and self-sacrifice comes to the fore. Keep on challenging yourselves and applying the new skills and sense of adventure that you’ve learnt from your DofE.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Central
Presenter – Larry Lamb, Actor

“Congratulations to you all. It’s amazing what you have achieved. For as long as you work hard, you will succeed. Achieving your Gold Award will set you apart from the rest.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Central
Presenter- Benedict Cumberbatch, Actor

“It’s with great pride that I’m presenting DofE Gold Awards, what these young people have achieved is fantastic, not just for themselves but for their communities. As an actor I know how much their experiences and the skills they’ve developed matter, without determination and passion I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wish them every success for the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- Darcey Bussell CBE, Ballerina

“A huge congratulations to everyone collecting their Award today. To complete your Gold Award you need resilience, a positive attitude, confidence and determination. It takes me back to the beginnings of when I became a professional dance – I had to grit my teeth and work hard. That grit and determination which kept me going – you have all demonstrated yourself. Well done to all of you, you have a very exciting time ahead of you.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Check out Darcey’s videoblog from the Palace below…

Banquet Room – South East
Presenter- Debbie Beadle, Head of Youth and Training, ECPAT

“If there’s any message I could give to you it would be to always follow what’s in your heart. You really can achieve anything you set out to do. That’s something I learnt from my great Atlantic row. What’s to lose?”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- South West
Presenter- Tony Rowe, Chief Executive & Chairman of Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Yorkshire & Humberside
Presenter- Hannah Cockroft, Paralympian

“It’s been an honour to present you with your Awards today. Participants have to remain focused, dedicated and ready to reach for the stars. You, as Gold Award holders, have joined a finely skilled group of people who dare to dream! Well done.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Wales
Presenter- Tori James, Adventurer

“Congratulations to you all. Achieving your Gold Award allows you to aim high, seize new opportunities and push yourself further than you ever thought possible.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- The Air Training Corps
Presenter- Gethin Jones, TV Presenter

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here today to present your Gold Awards. You have been on a journey of self-discovery. Many of you may have felt like giving up but you didn’t. You worked hard and challenged yourself. Today is about celebrating your achievements but tomorrow is the exciting part – if you put your minds to it, you can achieve anything you want.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room
Check out Gethin’s videoblog from the Palace below…

Banquet Room – North West
Presenter- Katy Brand, Comedian

“I feel very pleased to be here and feel quite an underachiever in comparison to you all! It’s incredible what you’ve done, every single experience will be useful and you will reap the benefits for years to come. There’s a lot of negativity written about young people in the press – I don’t see any of that here, you are all achievers! Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 19 March 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 19 March 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Emily Louise Adam
Thomas Wallace Adam
Uzair Adam
Alastair Adams-Cairns
David Roger Addis
Imran Benyamin Ahmed
Joe Alcock
Rachael Ann Deljanovska Alcock
Rebecca Aldridge
Camilla Allen
Mohammed Naief Al-shibli
Metin Altaykan
David Anderson
Elizabeth Andrews
Christopher Anelay
Daniel Armstrong
Danielle Arnold
Jordan Ash
Katy Louise Ashton
Philip Atkins
Sophie Maria Atkinson
Aadil Auckbaraullee
Lois Awcock
Robert Bailey
Oliver Bain
Alice Baird
Justin Luke Baker
Matthew Ball
Jennifer Barker
Lewis Barker
Elliot Barling
Catherine Sarah Barnard
Matthew Barnes
Rebecca Barnes
Hannah Barton
Curtis Bates
Stewart Bates
Alice Batts
Arron Bayley
Amy Bayliss
Sam Beattie
Claire Beavis
Elizabeth Bell
Matt Bell
Ashley Bennett
Emily Bennett
Rebecca Bental
Samuel Beresford
Victoria Bergbauer
Lydia Berry
Jashan Bhoora
Alice Billings
Andrew James Bingham
Lauren Birt
Rachel Blunt
Ross Bogle
Emma Bone
Benjamin Booker
Dominik Bosowski
Konrad Bosowski
Amy Boswell
Joshua Bough
Thomas Henry Boulton
Abby Bowman
Sarah Bradley
Amy Bradshaw
David Braham
Benjamin Bramald
Kathryn Anne Brammeier
Eloise Bray
Hannah Brennan
James Andrew Brett
Rebekah Brewer
Antoinette Brindley
Thomas Edward Jolin Brindley
Rachael Lucie Broad
Elizabeth Brooks
Thomas Broughton
Heather Brown
Jonathan Brown
Samantha Browne
Georgia Bruce-Jones
Abigail Buck
Samuel Buckland
Daniel Bullen
Andrew Mark Bunting
Nathan Andrew Israel Burdett
Claire Burgess
Edward Busby
Oliver Butler
Lee Butterfield
Danielle Cahill
Nicholas Cain
Olivia Callander
Camilla Camerea
Ranulph Cameron
William Carne
Melissa Cartwright
Robert Michael Cashin
Tyler Casson
Lauren Elizabeth Chapman
Harry Chappell
Kate Chatwin
Jennifer Cheung
Rachel Christie
Emma Christmas
Clifford Chung
Hugh Clark
Laura Clark
Annabelle Clarke
Graham Clarke
Joanne Clarke
Harry Edward Clubb
Emma Claire Todd Cochrane
Luke Cockerton
Alice Cockill
Zoe Cocks
Jordan Colclough
Rachael Collard
Samuel Collett
Rosemary Collins
Marcus Collomosse
Lucinda Conder
Rose Cooper
Peter Corden
Claire Cottee
Thomas Cowie
Nicholas Cox
Arthur Coxon
Emma Jayne Crabb
Ruth Crackett
Iain Crawford
Rebecca Crawley
Daniel Crossland-Otter
Oliver Crowther
Christopher Martin Cullen
James Curtis
Jack Francis Daker
Gregory Robert Dale
Matthew Dangell
Lauren Darch
George Davalle
Amy Devon Ann Davies
Ashley Martin Davies
Brandon Davies
Charity Davies
Christopher John Davies
Daniel Hitchings Davies
Eleanor Davies
Hannah Elizabeth Davies
Heather Nathalie-Anne Davies
James Christopher Davies
Olwen Davies
Robert Davis
Claire Dawson
James Dawson-Goodey
Paul Dean
Elizabeth Denney
Lia Dexter
Charlotte Dickinson
Hannah Dickson
Katie Dickson
Steven Dixon
Daniel Dotchin
Sacha Victoria Dowling
Francesca Emma Drew
Megan Drinkhill
Matthew Drury
Gareth Duffy
Laura Dulson
Rachel Durham
Emily Dutton
Thomas Dutton
Frederick Dyke
Jack Easterbrook
Sophie Eckett
Thomas Edge
Faye Edwards
Josephine Edwards
Lucy Edwards
Ailish Egleston
Maddison Elder
Julian Ellul Vincenti
Joel Evans
Matthew Evans
Fadi Fahr
Joshua Farmer
Andrew Farrington
Lucy Farrow
Antonia Felixson
Karina Ferdi
Jack Fielding
Natalie Ann Fields
Emily Finch
Harriet Finch
Eleanor Mary Firth
Kate Fisher
Naomi Fisher
Nicholas Fisher
Jack Fleetwood
Robert Flockton
Oliver Foord
Georgina Ford
Eleanor Forster
Ashley Foster
Liam John Foster
Bethany Foundation
Constance French
William John Fricker
Alex Froud
Lara Fudge
Thomas Garbutt
William Gardner
Tom Gatens
Kate Geddes
Andreas Geitner
Meg Gentle
Leah Gilbert
Laurence Gill
Fraser Gillan
Rory Gillies
Olivia Godlee
Genevieve Rose Godwin
Katherine Sophie Godwin
Katie Gorman
Emily Jayne Gott
Adam Grace
Catriona Grant
Imogen Grant
Joseph Gregory
Ieuan Griffiths
Tom Grillo
Rebekah Mary Grimshaw
Rachel Grimstone
Sophie Groenhof
Frazer Groom
Jenny Gunther
Callum Philip Gurbutt
Samuel George Hackney
Eden Hage-Dando
Laura Haig
Oliver Haine
Anna Hall
Harry Hall
Lauren Hall
Siobhan Hall
Stephanie Rose Hall
Philippa Halpin
Luke Hamilton
Josh Hammond
Rachel Jane Hammond
Bethan Hancock
Joshua Handley
Kathryn Harbach
Dale Harding
Jonathan Hardy
Melissa Hardy
David Hargreaves
Eleanor Harpum
Guto Harries
William Harrington
Eden Harris
Ruth Harris
Thomas Harrison
Delia Harrop
Charlotte Hart
Emma Hart
Peter Harvey
Emily Jane Hayes
Stephen Hayward
Rhiannon Heard
William Morris Heath
Frankie Heaton-Pike
Finn Ronan Henry-Clark
Frederick Henshaw
Shannen Higgins
Jack Highton
James Hill
Christopher Hills
Daniel J Hirst
Thomas Hirst
Evan Hitchen
Jack Hockenhull
Sarah Elizabeth Victoria Hockey
Sarah Hockley
Bethany Holden
James Holland
Jonathon Holroyd
Chris Holt
Sophie Hooper
Catherine Jena Hopkins
Jack Hopper
Thomas Horton
Nicholas Hosgood
Felicity Houston
Grace Howarth
Bethan Howes
Eleanor Huddleston
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes
Emma Hulme
Leonard Huntley
Elizabeth Hutton
Laura Ibbotson
Rachel Ibbotson
John Iles
Ailsa Inglis
Jonathan Ison
Nicholas Jackman
Timothy Jackson
Chetna Jain
Amisha Jakharia-Shah
Charlotte Emily Frances Jarman
David Jarvis
Jack Jeffers
Andrew Jenkins
Ellen Jenkins
Alice Jenner
Henry Jervis
Alice Johnson
Emma Johnson
Freya Johnson
Paul Johnston
Anna Grace Jones
Harvey Jones
Louise Jones
Melissa Alice Jones
Zachary Jones
Laura-Beth Jovicich
Louie Joyce
Alice Jupp
Joseph Kaluza-Gilbert
Kasia Kaluza-Gilbert
David Keegan
James Keegan
Anna Kell
Sarah Catherine Kelly
Emily Kennedy
Thaddeus Kenny
Samantha Kenton
Laura Kiani
Charles Kind
Esther King
Holly Kings
Joe Kleanthous
Abigail Knox
Luke Koch De Gooreynd
Bradleigh Jefferson Lack
Wai Lee Lai
Ibrahim Lallmamode
Christopher Lambert
Jordan Lambert
Oliver Lambert
Sophie Lane
Imogen Langmead
Nikki May Lau
Andrew Leake
Alexander Lee
Jonathan Lee
Michael Legg
Danielle Leith
Jessica Leong
Amy Leppanen
Joanne Lewis
Lauren Lewis
Molly Lewis
Jacob Lewis-Leeson
Sophie Lines
Joseph Linnecar
Bryony Littler
Bethan Littley
Felicity Lock
Michelle Locker
Grace Lockley
George Long
Katie Louise Longson
Gemma Lovelock
Sarah Lovewell
Amelia Loveys
Tyler Low
Amy Victoria Lowbridge
James Lucas
Rory Lynch
Leanne Lyon
Michael Lyons
Stephanie MacAulay
Rhona Mackay
Hugh MacLachlan
Lucy Maguire
Ben Maheson
Michael Robert Mahony
Clementine Makower
Emma Malik
Waqas Malik
Rebecca Jane Mallows
Emma May Margetson
Owen James Marriott
Kate Marsden
Matthew Martin
Emma Jade Mason
Paul Stephen Mason
Rachel Deborah Mason
Robert Mather
Richard Matthews
Christopher Mawdesley
Jamie Mawhinney
Sally May
Zenith May
Chloe Suzanne Mayhew
Mark McBrien
James McCartney
Lauren McClelland
James McConachie
Rowan McConkey
Kieren McEntee
Alex McGregor
Gemma Louise McKale
Clare Mckay
Milo McKinnon
Emma McLean
Calum McLellan
Alexander Francis McMillan
Grace Meehan
Fraser David Meikle
Daniel Melling
George Mellor
Tuscany R Mellor
Rhys Thomas Meredith
Alison Mewes
Rachel Meyrick
George William Middlehurst
Cameron Stewart Milburn
Grace Millar
Scott Millard
Harriet Miller
Ajitkumar Mistry
Manish Mistry
Katherine Mitchell
Stuart Mitchell
Peter Mogridge
Abraham Mohammed
Katie Monnickendam
Joseph Montgomery
Constance Moon
Lloyd Moore
Madeline Moore
William Moore
Joe Morrell
Samuel Morris
Billy Michael Morrison
Nikhita Moudgil
Laura Mullarkey
Nathan Murrant
Robert Paul David Murray
Abigail Muttitt
Natasha Naeem
Shahzad Naseer
Andrew Naylor
Naomi Elizabeth Nelmes
Jack New
Rhys Newcombe
Alexander Nice
Jamie Nichols
Peter Nichols
Elara Nicholson
Catherine North-Bates
Chloe Rees
Dominic Nugent
Timothy Nye
James Augustine Crawford O’Brien
Richard Okon
Will Osterburg
James Mark Owens
Abigail Page
Jordan Parfitt
Kieran Christopher Parkin
Lydia Mary Parrott
Sophie Parry
James Parsons
Lucinda Parsons
Joseph Partridge
Matthew Pass
Alexander Pate
Jason Patel
Neha Patel
Oliver Pateman
Joshua Liam Pattison
Thomas Pavey
Gabriel Pennington
Carrie-Anne Perkins
Felicity Perraton
Jordan Lewis Peters
Geraint Phillips
Rachel Phillips
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips
Susanna Phillips
Andrew John Pickin
Lucy Clare Pickworth
Jessica Pilkington
Harriett Olivia Patricia Pope
Harriett Porter
Michael Porter
Luke Potter
Andreas Poulman
Faith Powell
Fionn Price
Jamie Price
Jessica Price
Jonathan James Price
Pippa Price
William Price
Megan Siân Pudney
Richard Gareth Pudney
Hollie Louise Pufal
Isobel Pugh
Robert Purdy
Lewis Pybis
Rachel Pygott
Georgina Quayle
Sophia Quigley
Emily Quimby
Benjamin Race
Camilla Ramus
Elliott Randall
Daniel Ravenscroft
Oliver Reavley
John Nicholas Wakerley Redwood
Emma Reed
Kieran Rees
Daniel Reid
Matt Reid
Thomas Reid
Nicholas Reynolds
George Richards
Gabriella Richardson
Kate Richardson
Lucy Richardson
Callum Rigby
Florence Riley
Philippa Robb
Alice Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts
Laura May Roberts
Matthew Roberts
James Robertson
Andrew Robinson
Harriet Robinson
Rebecca Rodgers
Bethan Rogers
Alice Rooke
Kelly Rooke
Amelia Ross
Lucy Amber Lovatt Rosser
Zoe Roughley
Jamie Thomas Rowland
Gethin Sion Rowlands
Samuel Rowntree
Carolyn Russell
Alexandra Sage
Umar Said
Mathew Alexander Samuel
Lydia Sandercock
Amardeep Sandhu
Megan Saunders
Poppy Saunders
Lucy Jane Savage
Alastair James Welch Savin
Katherine Scales
Shaun Scaramuzza
Matthew Schofield
Bethany Scothern
Thomas Scowcroft
Catherine Sefton
Ed Sennett
Elliott Sexton
Sanjay Shah
Shreya Shah
Harry Sheldon
Luke Sheppard
Russell Sheriff
Frances Shickell
Hannah Short
Serina Kaur Sidhu
Oliver Simmonds
James Alan Simon
Luke Simpson
Thomas Sinclair
Hardit Singh Parmar
Frederick Skitt
Charles Slater
Michael Sledge
Rosie Smeaton
Fiona Smith
Josie Corrinne Smith
Sam Smith
Sarah Louise Smith
Eleanor Sneesby
Branavy Somasundaram
Luke South
Rosie Spedding
Lewis William Steckelmacher
George Stephens
Kerianne Stephens
Felix Stephenson
Lucy Rebecca Stevenson
Tillie Stevenson
Will Stewart
Nichola Stock
Emily Stray
Alexander Sumpner
Elizabeth Mary Sutton
Molly Swire
Liam Swithenbank
Calvin Sykes
Connor James Sykes
Ling Hong Tan
Graham Tate
Edward Taylor
Helen Taylor
Kate Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Sally Dawn Taylor
Samuel Taylor
Bupe Racheal Tembo
Emily Anne Tennant
Daniel Thomas
Zeanne Anita Thomas
Zoe Catharine Thomas
Cara Thompson
Adam Thomson
Daniel Thorby
Adam Tibbles
Daisy Tickner
Bernadett Erika Tildy
Callum Tims
Rosa Treadwell
Peter Trendler
Tabatha Daisy Trigg
Matthew Tripp
Charles Turner
Sarah Turner
Olivia Unsworth
Callum Valler
Jack Vardy
Jack Varley
Stephanie Von Molendorff
Emma Jane Wade
Nicole Wainwright
Katie Walbeoff
Sarah Louise Walbeoff
David Walden
Emily Evans
Abigail Lucy Walker
Daniel James Walker
Harriet Walker
Jenna Walker
Peter Walker
Samuel Walker
Sarah Walker
Amber Wallace
Laura Wallace
Emma Wallwork
Madeleine Walsh
Charles Ward
Emma Ward
Jacqueline Ward
Thomas Stewart Waring
Stephen Washington
Amber Waters
Sam Thomas Watkins
Heinrich Watson-Miller
Alexander Watt
Stephen Mark Waugh
Matthew George Weddell
James Wege
Louise Welham
Christopher Wells
Ryan Wescott
Anna West
Louise Wheatley
Ellie Marian Wikluk
Francesca Anna Wikluk
Jessica Wild
Hollie Wilkinson
Kimberley Anne Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
Jack David Williams
Rhiannon Williams
Elliott Wilson
George Wilson
James Carl Wilson
Sally Windsor
Eden Thomas Winlow
Joseph Lloyd Wisdom
Anna Wood
Hannah Wood
Rosanna Woodcock
Rebecca Woodhouse
Hannah Woodworth
Joe Worley
Emma Wray
Alexander Wright
Mark Wyatt
Joanna Yale
Thomas Yems
Andrew Young
Katherine Young






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