Monday 23rd June 2014

731 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 23 June at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- South East

Presenter- Charlotte Evans MBE, Athlete

“It’s an honour to be here today. You have shown strength, diversity, confidence and teamwork. It puts you in great stead for the future. Well done.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- South East
Presenter – Andrea Begley, Singer

“Congratulations – it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to complete your Gold Award. There have been times where I’ve come across barriers and there were times where I’ve wanted to give up but if you carry on working towards your goal, you know at the end of it you will achieve something worthwhile.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Central
Presenter- Phil Brown, Olympian and Regional Director at DofE

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – Central
Presenter- Holly Walsh, Comedian

“Massive congratulations on getting your Gold Awards. It’s a huge achievement and one worth celebrating. Doing my DofE taught me how to apply myself. I learnt how to push myself in a very practical way. It shows there’s more to life than academic success and I’m sure that’s a big reason employers and universities value the DofE as it demonstrates you’re going to turn up and muck in. If you have a passion, keep at it, keep plugging away because that’s what I did and I’m so glad I put in the groundwork.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – London
Presenter- Justin Packshaw, Explorer

“By achieving you Gold DofE Award, you have shown you are exceptional people; it takes teamwork, commitment and motivation. Now go out and strive for further success!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- DofE Business & Scotland

Presenter- Nick Hewer, TV presenter

“This ceremony is all about achievement. As you have gone through the DofE, you have been growing with it and, as Award holder, you’ve shown you can hack it. Bear in mind that if you commit yourselves, you can all perform at an even higher level and you should aim to do so. Even more is expected of you and you should expect it from yourselves – go for it!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- DofE Business & NOA
Presenter- Deborah Meaden, Entrepreneur

“I am a big fan of the DofE. As Gold Award holders you are our hope for the future – you’ve shown that you’re committed, capable and confident and potential employers will know instantly what you’re made of. Confidence is the magic ingredient in life, it will open doors and allow your talent to blossom. Go on and make the best of your life, for yourself, your family and our society.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South West
Presenter- Paula Reid, Adventurer

“I salute you – for choosing to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the first place, but then for the determination you put in to achieving your Gold. I feel privileged to be here because of who you are and what you have already achieved. But please don’t stop there. There is plenty more living and giving to do. Use the DofE experience as a reference point from now on, knowing you can. Knowing you have the strength, resilience, mental and physical toughness to step up.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- Yorkshire & Humberside
Presenter- Andy Kirkpatrick, Adventurer

“I’m privileged to be here today. You are an exceptional group of young people who have shown hard work and determination in order to achieve your Gold Award. I hope you all go on to achieve great things in the future”.

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – North West

Presenter- Ade Adepitan MBE, wheelchair basketball player and TV presenter

“It was an incredible honour to be made Captain of the GB wheelchair basketball team. It took me five attempts to make the team. It taught me to persevere and to never give up on your dream. Find something that you’re passionate about and aim to achieve your full potential.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 23 June 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 23 June 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Stephen Abell
Ross Justin Michael Adamiecki
Gemma Adams
Hussain Ahamed
Iqra Akram
Benjamin Alba
Sajeed Ali
Samuel Allan
Georgie Allsworth
Mary Grace Amos
Abby-Rose Anderson
Chloe Anderson
Daniel Anderson
Joseph Anderson
Christopher Andrews
Katie Anscomb
Jesica Howard
Jennifer Elizabeth Armstrong
Liam Michael Arnot
Alexander Ash
Megan Ashton
Emily Ashworth
Megan Astley
Benjamin James Atherton
Misha Atkins
Robin Atkins
Sumaiya Aziz
Nicola Bagwan
Gemma Jayne Bailey
Harrison Bains
Amy Baker
Benjamin Stephen Baker
Rachel Baker
Michael Balderson
Camilla Baldrick
James Barker
Harry Barnett
Rosie Bartholomew
Jonathon Baylie
Laura Bennett
William Bennett
Laura Benson
Joseph Bentley
Hannah Benton
Keren Hershel Berelson
Amanda Berg
Lorenzo Bergamo-Andreis
Jessica Beswick
Zoe Suzanne Caroline Bianco
Angus Bishop
Holly Elizabeth Bishop
Katie Bishop
Chelsea Bissell
Megan Blake
Nathaniel Blake-Parry
Christopher Bliss
Eleanor Bonser
Matthew Boyd
Elizabeth Boyes
Stephen John Brand
Adam Bratkowski
Tim Brazier
Amy Brentnall
Olivia Bridgewater-Smith
Lucy Emma Brierley
George Brignall
Ben Briody
William James Britton
Abbey Broadbent
Ashleigh Broadbent
Clare Brogan
Harry Thomas Brogden
Abigail Brooks
Alysha Marie Brown
James Brown
Steven Brown
Matthew Brunault
Luke Anthony Bryan
Emma Buckley
Max Buhlmann
William Bullen-Smith
Emily Burke
Rebecca Burke
Gregory Burr
George Burt
Ben Callaghan
David Callaghan
Philip Callen
Emma Calvert
Ruaraidh Campbell
Isabel Carpenter
William Carpenter
Jonathan Carter
Kerry Carter
Nick Carter
Nikki Carter
Emma Louise Cartledge
Ryan Cartwright
George Castle
Shivam Chadha
Eleanor Chadwick
Thomas Alexander Kwok Chung Chan
Sophie Chapman
Imogen Emily-Elizabeth Chappelow
George Charalambous
Robert Charter
Navpreet Cheema
Kieran Stuart Cherry
Kristopher Cheung
Grace Chew
Anton Chivers
Adam Chohan
Jamie Christie
Jodie Chubb
Samuel Clark
Joshua Clarke
Kasia Clarke
Jadene Clegg
Ryan Clohessy
Amy Helen Clough
Emily Charlotte Cocker
Jennifer Coldham
Rachel Emily Cole
Alexander Collins
Beverley Sarah Collins
David Comber
Lucy Comfort
Patrick Sean Connery
David Andrew Constable
Edward Cook
Allan Cooke
Ben Cooper
Louise Stacey Cooper
Emily Cooper Hockey
Dominic Coppola
Isobel Cotterell
Thomas Cowan
Sarah Cox
Sophy Crane
Charles Cranwell-Ward
Megan Creese-Smith
Joseph Croft
Eleni Cullen
James Charles Culshaw
George Currie
Richard Curtis
Daniel Curzon
Elaine Dang
Pritika Datta
Eloise Davis
Oliver Davis
Sarah Eleanor Davis
Zoe Davis
Lara Dawood
David de Vial
Alice de Whalley
Mark Denman
Laura Depner
Christopher Devaney
Annabel Dewes
Malini Dey
Paramvir Dhanda
David Dijemeni
George Dixon
Roseanna Dixon
Karl Dizon
Jamie Dobson
Charlotte Douglas
Emma Katherine Dracup
Schnell D’Sa
Philip James Duce
Jessica Duckworth
Amy Duff
Kieran Dunn
Lucy Edwards
Seifeddin El-Ghariani
Basil El-Matrawi
Thomas Mark Emerton
Imogen English
Claudia Evans
Jack Evans
Owen Evans
Ella Fairlie
James Farley
Sophie Louise Farmer
Aysha Farooq
Jordan Farrag
Hannah Faugno
Mirabel Jane Pascale Fawcett
Frances Feeley
Erin Fenton
Matthew Stephen Fergusson
Nicholas Fielding
Eleanor Fieldson
Ben Fileman
Natalia Filvarova
Helena Finch
Alexander Fleming
Martin Patrick Flynn
Isabel Grace Foster
Fiona Collette Victoria Fox
Jake Richard Fox
Jordan Francis
Elizabeth Franklin
Joshua Frazer
Francesca Freeman
Jamie Frith
Rhianna Frost
Jamie Fryer
Kohilan Gananandan
Zeyang Gao
Hari Gardiner
Huw Garland
Katherine Gaunt
Leo Gebbie
Georgia Geering
Elizabeth Gell
Amy George
Saumya George
Jacqueline Emma Gibbard
Alexander Gibbon
Amena Girgirah
Joe Gleeson
Jonathan Goddard
Fiona Goff
Abbie Goodall
Eleanor Gorton
Alexander Gough
Bethany Goule
Catherine Jane Gowland
Alexander Dudley Grace
Holly Graham
Thomas Graham
Ian Alexander Grant
Laura Rebecca Gray
Alistair James Gray
Frances Sarah Teresa Greaney
Alice Green
Fran Green-Armytage
Joanne Katy Gregory
Amy Griffiths
Millie Griffiths
Peter Griffiths
Callum Grimshaw
Laura Grosvenor-Smith
Sarah Roni Gulley
Benjamin Robert Gutteridge
Rowan Haines
Danae Hajivassiliou
Jack Richard Hale
Samantha Hall
Bridie Hamilton
Ciaran John Hammond
Rioghnach Hannan
Isabella Hannay
Jasmine Hansen
Thomas Hardless
Sally Hargrave
Thomas Harper
Charlotte Harris
Ellen Harris
Jamie Harris
Luke Harris
Matthew Harris
Alex Harrison
Dominic Hartley
Maksim Hartley
Matthew Havey
Jo Haxworth
Byron John Haywood-Alexander
Thomas Hefford
Amelia Hempleman-Adams
Emerald Herrick-Doyle
Alice Chelsea Hicks
George Steuart Hicks
Robert Hide
Alexandra Hill
Lily Hinton
Robert Hinton
Alfred Ho
Matthew Hodges
Callum Hodgeson
Lucy Holbrook
Alice Holden
Thomas Holden
Alice Jane Holding
Sam Holland
Jessica Anne Hooper
Jennifer Anne Hope
Emma Hornett
Joshua Horton
Bethany Jayne Howard
Benjamin Hughes
Naomi Hurwitz
Ammar Hussain
Salman Hussain
Alaa Hussien-Ali
Sophie Imber
Charles Ingell
Lewis Irvine
Douglas Jack
Amber Jackson
Hannah Jackson
Saskia James
Harriet Lucy Jarman
Katie Jarvis
Matthew James Jarvis
Isobel Jasper
Joe Jelfs
Stuart Jenkins
Joseph Jennings
Jenny Jobling
Paige Johns
Christopher Johnson
Nicholas John Johnson
Belinda Johnston
Katharine Jones
Nicola Jones
Rhiannon Lucy Jones
Samuel Jones
Jemima Jowett-Ive
Sophie Judge
George Jukes
Zafirah Kalla
Neal Kanabar
Henry Kane
Sophia Kanwar
Matthew Kearney
Jenny Keats
Louisa Keech
Susan Keet
Hannah Kelly
Megan Kelly
Sarah Kelly
Olivia Kent
James Kerswill
Halima Aisha Elaine Khan
Rosina Khan
Sheeth Matin Khan
Ahmad Khattab
Sajan Rishi Khullar
Florence Kinder
Thomas King
Robert Kingsley-Smith
Kate Kinninmont
Gemma Kippax
Zoe Kirkham
Lilian Suzanne Knight
Dominic Knowles
Ritika Kothari
Anna Kruczynska
Sunil Kumar
Thomas Kwok
Sophie Louise Lacey
Nicola Laggett
Holly Lambert
Laurene Lambert
Ted Landray
Joshua Lane
Lucy Langan
Richard Lawson
Louise LeBlevec
Rhiannon Lee
Nicholas Leigh
Isabel Maria Lelijveld
Kathryn Lenette
Elliot Leonard
Daniel Leslie
Alice Lethbridge
Yui Hoi Jacqueline Leung
Alexander Elfed Lewis
Harry Lewis
Theodore Lewis
Alexandra Liddell
Rannoch Linnell
Callum Lippett
Jonathan R. M. Lobley
William Jules Lobo
Georgina Lockham
Bethan Lodge
Charlotte Lokes
James Raffaele Long
Henry Longstaff
Faye Longville
Flora Loughridge
Cassandra Lovell
Oscar Lozada
Adam James Lucas
Benjamin Lucas
Georgina Lucas
Catherine Nancy Victoria Mackay
Niall Macmillan
Antoine Magre
Ammandeep Kaur Mahal
Edward Maile
Francis Majekodunmi
Katherine Makris
Daniel Mallin Martin
Shanvir Mann
Hannah Mantle
Bradley Marshall
Sophie Marshall
Lara Martin
Sheona Martin
Andrew Maxwell
Zoe Maxwell
Eden May
Alexandra Isobel McCarroll
Alexander James McFarlane
George McGovern
Clare McHugh
Caitlin McLaughlin
William McLean
Alexandra McLeod
Elizabeth McLoughlin
Thandi McNair
James McQuade
Zoe Melvin
Samuel Merchant
Zoraida Merrington
Holly Metcalf
Bethany Micklethwaite
Eilidh Elizabeth Stewart Middleton
Olivia Miles
Claire Lesley Lilian Miller
Devon Miller
Mitchell Miller
Olivia Milner
Laura Katie Milroy
Rowan Minkley
Eleanor Mocatta
Ashley Moffatt
Flora Mol
Jessica Mol
Sarah Monaghan
Oliver Moore
Lewis James Morgan
Conor Morgan-Hughes
Lauren Morley
Amy Elizabeth Morris
Lotte Morris
Daniel Morris
Philip Moseley
Laura Mossman
Rachel Francesca Mossman
Thomas Moulden
Jordan Philip Reid Mounter
Linnette Mukandatsama
Siobhan Mundy
Kayleigh Murfet
Emily Rachael Murphy
Yusuf Mushtaq
Charlotte Myerson
Sarah Myhill
Laurence Alexander Newall
Emma Newman
Ruth Nicholson
Luke Norendal
Danny Nowell
Maximilian Nussbaumer
Lissa O’Callaghan
Francis Ocran
Michael Offlands
Emily Oldacre
Alexander H P Olesen
Dominic Olins
Nicole Olive
Grainne Meadhbh OMonghain
Anna Osborne
Victoria Osmond
Eibhlin O’Sullivan
Ben O’Toole
Alice-Marie Oxer
Chris Pakes
Jodie Palmer
John Palmer
Neha Palta
Hannah Parford
Adam Parker
Saul Parkinson
Harry George Parr
Megan Parry
Victoria Ellen Parry
Reeya Patani
Roshni Patel
Theodore Ameet Patel
Macauley Paterson
Charlotte Peach
Sophie Penney
Luke Perry
Amelia Pettitt
Charlotte Pheysey
James Pheysey
Sarah Elizabeth Philipson
Georgina Emma Phillips
Joseph Phillips
Patrick James Oliver Phoenix
Daniel Pickering
Georgina Pilling
Chloe Plant
Kirsty Plant
Stephanie Plant
Craig Pluck
Emily Pollock
Lucy Porter
Raj Nikhil Pradhan
Monisha Prasher
Rachel Preedy
Amy Preston
Henry Price
Julia Margaret Price
Richard Price
Sheona Primavera
Ruth Sarah Lindsay Pringle
Matthew Pulford
Pooja Puranik
Thomas Purkhardt
Lauren Pusey
James Quinn
Matthew Callum Rafferty
Aalisha Rahim
Hifzur Rahman
Anil Rai
Kate Raine
Blair Rankine
Christopher Rattray
Dan Ravenscroft
Michael Rawat
Nicholas Rayner
Hannah Reed
Nicola Reed
Alice Blanche Rees
Lucy Reeves
Laura Regan
Edward Charles Reynolds
Hannah Louise Reynolds
Sophia Richards
Amanda Ridley
William P. Ries
Catherine Frances Roberts
Claire Olivia Roberts
Harry Roberts
Oliver Roberts
Claire Robertson
Hannah Louise Robertson
Renisha Robin
Alice Robinson
Michaela Robinson
Sophia Rodriguez
Jamie Paul Rodwell
Penny Rogers
Abigail Roissetter
Hayley Rooke
Chloe Alice Roper
Lucy Roper
Anna Roscoe
Max William Rostron
Kirsty Sasha Rothwell
Kishen Stephen Rowan
Joshua Rowe
Benjamin Rowland
Victoria May Russell
Edina Rutherford
Kostyantyn Ryabchynskyy
Kathryn Ryan
Adam Ryder
Frances Salt
Tammy Sarah Samuel
Callum Sanders
Hayley Kaur Sanghera
Avi Saxena
Karen Sayer
Antony Jonathan Scott
Eleanor Scott
Joel Robert Albert Scott
Ruth Scott
Lauren Sever
Justin Seymour
Sita Shah
Varun Sharma
Alexandra Shaw
Catriona Shaw
Julia Shekleton
Alice Sheppard
Jennifer Kate Sides-Crump
Alexander Simkin
Nathan Simmonds-Buckley
Sarah Simnett
Sarah Hermine Fossum Simonsen
Lucinda Jade Simpson
Mark Simpson
Beeshman Sivakumaran
Hannah Elizabeth Slack
Michal Sladkowski
Rachel Sloan
Gregory Sly
Kane Small
Lauren Smallman
Emily Smith
Emma Smith
Holly Smith
Peter Smyth
Josephine Solowiej-Wedderburn
Nikisha Erica Ryana Sondhi
Rona Soutar
Danielle Southall
Annabelle Jane Sparke-Rogstad
Katie Speakman
Jessica Spear
Charlotte Louise Spencer
Catherine Spilsbury
Angus Spratling
Emily Jane Stacey
Henry Stanley
George John Starr
Victoria Stasi
Jonathan Robert Stead
Joe Stead
Fiona Anne Steel
Andrew Steele
Holly Steiger
Alex Stevens
Hannah Stevens
Simone Stewart
Philippa Stokoe
Josie Stone
Martha Stone
Alice Victoria Strawbridge
Seann Stubbs
Georgia Sturt
Isabel Sturt
Rachel Isabella Sunderland
Oliver Suppiah
Emma Sutcliffe
Katy Rose Sutherland
Sophie Swain
Benjamin Geoffrey Swyer
Alexander George Sykes
Maya Szlachetko
Clare Taylor
Conor Taylor
James Richard Taylor
Natalie Taylor
Peter James Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Nicole Terry
Joseph Walton Thickett
Felicity Thompson
Mariamme Suhayla Yvonne Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Emma Jean Thompson
James Thomson
Hannah Tilley
Libby Timperley
Frederick Tolhurst
Madeleine Towell
Stephen Travis
Craig Trelfa
Paddy Treweeke
Heidi Eleanor Trivasse
Timothy Trivasse
Jason Truong
Jonathan Tugbobo
Megan Tully
Stephanie Turnbull
Stephen Unsworth
Faizal Vankalwala
Jonathan Luke Vautrey
Holly Voorspuy
Austen James Wade
Kelly Marie Wainwright
Claire Walker
Megan Walker
Oliver Wall
Kai Wang
Bethany Warburton
Matthew Ware
Madeleine Warren
Julia Watkinson
Jade Watson
Robert Rodger Allen Watt
Melanie Weatherall
Antonia Webb
Jessica Webb
Charlotte Webber
Diana Webber
Imogen Weight
Fiona Weir
Hannah Wells
Wayne Anthony Ivan West
Charlotte Westgarth
Ingo Wey
Aimee-Louise Whalley
Samuel Whelan
Adam Whitehouse
Jessica Louise Whiting
Emily Wiberg Rasmussen
Isobel Wickham
Tom Wilcox
Andrew Wiley
Tanith Wilkinson
Asha Williams
Rebecca Williams
Tobias Williams
Ben Williamson
Blue Wilson
Calum Wilson
Emma Danielle Wilson
Philippa Wilson
Petrina Witt
Caitlan Wong
Kylie Wong
Christopher Wood
Emma Wood
Luke Woodall
Jacqueline Sarah Woodburn
Sam Woodyatt
Edmund Woolliams
Esther Claire Worrall
Kerry Worsfold
Hannah Wren
Angela Wright
Peter George Wright
Victoria Wright
Rebecca Yates
Natasha Young
Antony Youngman
Xia Yu
Bassier Zadran
Philip Zealley 









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